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SkTs Atsumu knew the drinks were taking forever without even looking at the time. Simply by how much the man next to him had said. Compliments dripping off his tongue, eyes roving Atsumu’s body. It took everything in him not to cringe. Just as it reached its peak, an

offer to follow the man to the bathroom, Atsumu was grabbed and pulled back. A hand was cupping his groin, right above his cock. It drug him back to a very familiar chest, warm breath ghosting on his neck. Sakusa rocked his hips into Atsumu’s ass, never letting go of his front.

“This one’s taken,” Atsumu could feel Sakusa’s words as lips brushed against his neck. “Tell him, gorgeous.” The hand holding him dipped lower, thumbing the base of his cock. Atsumu tilted his head back, air leaving his lungs. “Taken. Very taken.” The man’s eyes were hungrier

than ever, but they stopped dead at whatever look was on Sakusa’s face. “Can’t let you go anywhere,” Sakusa scoffed, biting his open throat. “Too damn pretty.” Atsumu never got his drinks that night. But he still left full, with flushed cheeks and a limp he hadn’t arrived with.

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