Logan :/

Logan :/



NSFW | first #miyacest thread - They didnt know that it was wrong, atleast when they were young. Disney and cartoons giving them the idea that you kiss the people you love, and so they did. Back then it was cute, two young brothers pecking lips innocently -

Of course at the age of 5, they were slowly told to stop, but Atsumu hated that idea, his brothers lips became a soft comfort, a gentle reminder he was never alone, and Osamu hated it even more, he loved the feeling of him and his brother kissing, holding hands -

as they played, they never needed to get to know anyone else their age, they had eachother. They did, however listen, stopping their kisses in public, infront of others, alone at night, the secret cuddles and sweet kisses of them were promises that theyd never let that change-

Now, at 27, they share an apartment above Onigiri Miya, Those kisses never stopped, if anything they evolved, at 13 they tried making out, messy and red faced, at 17 they fucked, loud, burning and passionate, at 19, they explored eachother, new things. favourites, marking -

identical bodies, identical marks, secret and hidden, just like them. They're apartment wasnt huge, a one bedroom, two single beds pushed together, split apart for show when theyre family or friends came around, it wasnt strange to them, and the knowledge that back then it had -

been wrong seemed to only fuel their need. Their want for more, even if they knew how wrong it truly was, late night 'do you regret it?' chats, began and ended with kisses, love in their hearts as they together, knew what they felt and wanted. Happy together and content with it.

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