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#sakuatsu grew up together | moving in together kiyoomi always wanted a big house growing up. he lived in a modest family home, so his childhood dream had been to live someplace grander. however, sitting on the floor next to atsumu in their single bedroom apartment isnt too bad.

the two had just about scrapped up enough cash to move from their individual dorms into their own place. it's small. sort of grimy. the bathroom is decent enough. still, somehow it's enough.

osamu left hours ago after helping them move in. now, it's just the two of them. their couch is only arriving in a week, still in the process of getting shipped from hyogo. they've both decided it would be better to share a bed in a single bedroom than to pay for a two bedroom.

however, their bed has not yet arrived. it's just the two of them, a mattress and their new home. "it's weird." atsumu says. "what is?" "well, not weird. but, like... surreal?" "oh, definitely." kiyoomi laughs, falling onto his back, bouncing gentle on the mattress.

"i'm tired." kiyoomi smiles, making a show of sighing before opening his arms. "come on." atsumu shuffles forward, letting himself melt into kiyoomi's chest. "we're gonna cuddle every night." he says matter-of-factly.

"are we now?" "yes. because i said so." "doesn't seem fair." kiyoomi breaths in atsumu's sweet scent. "ya can always say no." kiyoomi sighs. "yeah, but you know i won't." atsumu laughs shaking his head against kiyoomi's chest.

"i can't wait to make this place a home with ya, omi." kiyoomi's cheeks flush. he can only hope that atsumu can't hear his rapid heart. "me too." atsumu looks up to plant a kiss to kiyoomi's jaw. "g'night, omi."

kiyoomi bites his lip, willing the butterflies in his stomach to calm. "night, atsumu." together, they'll make this house a home.

// fin // idk if it was stated but this is before they get together, they're still pining idiots lmao

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