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MYTH: you need to be a programming genius to land a high-paying job. REALITY: you need a strong portfolio of projects. Here are awesome projects you should add to your resume.

Build 15 JavaScript Projects - Vanilla JavaScript Course β€’ Improve and showcase your JavaScript skills β€’ 15 projects in 8 hours β€’ Full walkthroughs β€’ By FreeCodeCamp

12 Beginner Python Projects - Coding Course β€’ Improve your Python skills β€’ 12 projects in 3 hours β€’ Full walkthroughs β€’ By FreeCodeCamp

Portfolio Website Tutorial – Frontend Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript β€’ Build an awesome portfolio in 3 hours β€’ Full walkthrough β€’ By FreeCodeCamp

Build A Calculator With JavaScript Tutorial β€’ Calculator app is a classic portfolio project to illustrate programming skills β€’ Full walkthrough (40 mins) β€’ By Web Dev Simplified

Python Game Development Project Using OOP – Minesweeper Tutorial (w/ Tkinter) β€’ Minesweeper game is great for illustrating your programming capabilities β€’ Full walkthrough (2.5 hours) β€’ Another quality tutorial By FreeCodeCamp

Learn JavaScript by Building 7 Games β€’ Build 7 games in 5 hours β€’ Memory Game, Whac-a-mole, Breakout, Frogger, and more. β€’ Full walkthroughs β€’ By FreeCodeCamp

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