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This is a brilliant thread. Aptly echoes my sentiments too. As a general category candidate, I got nothing from the government, and I pay whatever tax is there in my income. At every step, government has only tried to put hurdles in the way of my growth - in education/business.

Coming from a lower middle class family, my parents had to work hard to pay for good quality education in a private school because government school education is sub-par in quality. Even the school I attended is sub-par, but slightly better, but parents sacrficed a lot to pay.

Despite scoring 90%+ in 12th, I didn't get a seat in state university (anna university counselling). An upper middle class friend with SC tag got seat in SSN despite scoring less than me. So, my parents had to pay 10x when I got a seat with merit counselling in VIT.

I paid significant amount in taxes when I was in my first job. From the very first month of my business, I have been paying GST. Government departments didn't move papers without significant bribe while trying to establish business.

If you're earning above 1 crore, you pay close to 45-60% in taxes alone - both direct and indirect. What do you get in return? You get taxed more. Government departments fail you, justice system is a joke.

When a big client defaulted on us despite having crores in business, we filed a case with MSME. MSME charged 1000 rupees for the hearing. On hearing day, opposite party didn't show up. MSME told us to drop the case and forget the amount as it would cost us more to fight it.

What the heck is the meaning of justice then? You charged me 1000 rupees just to tell me to drop the case instead of penalizing the defaulting party and ordering their banks to block incoming transactions or something like that?

What more? The CEO of this company - Drunken Monkey who was defaulting, had the balls to tell me "You file any case, go to any inspector, commissioner, we aren't going to pay you shit. Do whatever you want. It's a losing proposition for a small business like yours."

All the while, these guys were partying, playing cricket matches, and enjoying YourStory and other such entrepreneurship magazine articles and Times magazine awards. Such is the state of the country which can't do shit for small businesses despite paying taxes regularly.

So, what really is the point of trying to work hard here? If you can, pack up and go to some other country where you can pay first world taxes and get first world facilities. Paying first world taxes for third world facilities is just useless.

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