nsfw // #skts #sakuatsu Atsumu is actually pretty quiet in bed. Instead of loud wanton moans and cries, he actually is more of a whisperer. Short, staccato little gasps. The smallest whines right in the ear. It used to worry some of his previous partners he wasn’t into it.

But not Kiyoomi. He learned Atsumu’s other tells that he was enjoying himself. The way his back would arch with the right crook of his finger against his prostate. Kiyoomi’s second favorite curve on his body.

Or the way Atsumu would sink his perfectly manicured fingernails into Kiyoomi’s shoulders when they fucked face to face. Kiyoomi was fond of watching his eyes roll back into his head when he painted his stomach with cum.

He didn’t need to hear Atsumu scream out his name when Atsumu latched onto his neck to leave his mark. Always wanting people to know, to see. Neighbors knew who belonged to who. Atsumu was quiet in bed, but he was still expressive. From his tossed back head to his curled toes.

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