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Jan Lehnardt (@janl@chaos.social)



1. Hi, this is a new thread about the work we do @neighbourh00die. We’re a small business based in Berlin with people working for us around the world. Our focus is solving technical problems for our customers, and we are quite good at this. Maybe we can help you? 1/12

2. We’re proudly & unapologetically a company that considers itself to be part of the German Mittelstand We are not a startup, we’re not a family, we founded this company to provide meaningful work for our employees by building meaningful products.

3. Our friend @paulca of @useTito said it best: our books don’t make VCs giddy, but our accountants happy. We’re not here for the latest hype & hypergrowth, we’re not here for the long hours, we’re here to build sustainable products & provide meaningful service to our customers.

4. We have a firm grasp of sustainable long-term development practices, which allows us to move fast in a pinch. We also always have one foot in the technological forefront to give our projects an edge when we need to and sometimes, we just invent the future along the way.

5. We love to work on socially beneficial projects and we have experience working with organisations and their unique challenges, who work in that area. 6. A few of our past highlights:

6.1 Provided the entire technical team for non-technical company founders on five separate occasions, taking an idea into production. Two of these we still operate for our customers. The other’s we have successfully transitioned to their own teams.

6.2 We helped build tools that helped stem the 2013–16 Ebola crisis in West Africa, and to run the clinical study that led to the first ever(!) Ebola vaccine.

6.3 We helped build out the core infrastructure for an entire German state’s COVID vaccination roll-out, including offline-capable vaccination tracking apps for doctors in the field and badly connected vaccination centers.

6.4 We pioneered automated software dependency updates with Greenkeeper (sold to Snyk in 2020), now a standard feature on GitHub (that everybody loves ;D).

6.5 We have worked on- and continue to support @CouchDB & @PouchDB since their inception, providing a unique platform for offline-capable web applications as open source. There is no competing commercial solution to this, still.

6.6 We coined the term Offline First as a discipline that makes inconsistent networking a foundation of all software design, leading to better working software for everyone, not just those with fast internet connections.

6.7 We helped launch a mobile companion app for people with type 2 diabetes for regions with insufficient medical systems, and social stigmata around the illness. Coincidentally, like the Ebola work, this was designed to work in usually-offline mobile network scenarios.

7. We’re providing first-class production support for anyone running @CouchDB. We have clients among the Fortune 500 as well as early-stage startups and other SMBs. As part of our work, we heavily contribute back to the open source project Apache CouchDB.

8. We started and helped organise @jsconfeu, one of the most prestigious and biggest JavaScript events in Europe, with sister-events around the globe, for 10 years. We helped set a standard for inclusion and diversity in professional tech conferences.

9. We help companies grow their technology architecture along with their teams. With extensive knowledge in scaling databases, backends and streamlining frontends and organising teams to go along with that change, we can help support your growth.

10. We’ve done project work in all of the above areas: @CouchDB/@PouchDB, Offline First, mobile & full-stack web app development, rapid prototyping, dev team building, crisis-response tech, dev-tooling, for all kind of clients, from non-profits to the Fortune 500.

11. tl;dr: we care deeply: about our work, the people who work for us, and our clients. We care about The Web and we care about Open Source. We also care about the communities we are part of, and the social footprint we leave behind.

12. If any of the above is in any way relevant to you, and if you think we could be of service, please get in touch, either reply here, DM me, or email us at hi@neighbourhood.ie or read more about us at We’d love to work with you! <3

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