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If you're in your 20s, read this:

Your 20s are a critical time in life to; Improve yourself Find your purpose Create a better future Get ahead in your career Live this age correctly, and you'll be unstoppable in your 30s. Here is 7 life hacks that will put you ahead of 99% of other people your age:

1. Cutting out toxic people. Cutting out people who: Talk negative Put you down Have no ambition Don't motivate you Don't help you improve Will help you strive in a more positive, happy and healthy environment.

2. Investing in your future. This means making choices with your time, health and money that will; Give you more years of health Help you live a happier life Make you financially free Make you more money Here's some investments that will improve your future:

- Investing in your health (Healthy foods, working out, exercise) - Investing in your knowledge (Courses, books, mentorships ect.) - Investing your money (Trading, Assets, Stocks)

3. Working out Your 20s can be an extremely stressful, worrying and challenging time. Working out will help; Reduce anxiety Increase confidence Improve mental health Boost happy hormones It will help you get rid of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

4. Embracing failure This time of your life is about maturing, learning and progressing. You never lose, because if you win, great! But if you don't, you learn for next time!

5. Not worrying about what others think. People will always be judging. But that's life! Learn to not give a f*ck! Focus on yourself Prioritise yourself Love yourself No one else's opinion of you matters. The important thing is learning ti love yourself.

6. Reading books Books are a cheat code to getting ahead in life. They will help; Reduce anxiety Reduce depression Improve your memory Improve your knowledge Read more and you'll find yourself becoming wiser than all of your friends.

7. Learning a few skills that can be leveraged "Degrees won't make you rich. Skills will." There is such a high demand for online skills in 2022. Skills like: Copywriting Drop-shipping Digital Marketing Can make you rich if you study, learn and implement them.

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