Spooky Month Bear!Omi/Witch!Atsumu Atsumu’s friends and family had told him not to do it, the other villagers warned him against it. But Atsumu hated living in the bustling village. He needed the fresh air, to be surrounded by nature. The skin changer couldn’t claim the whole

forest, could he? So, Atsumu left the village, and the advice, behind him. Fixing up a small, abandoned cottage to live in. He could grow all his healing herbs in the garden, just a few feet from a stream, and the abundance of the forest enveloped him. Atsumu wasn’t naive

though. He knew he was living off of borrowed land, he knew who patrolled the forest. So, Atsumu left a basket of food outside every night. Filling it with homemade bread, cheeses, honey, fruits, eggs, occasionally meat. Anything he thought the protector of the forest could

want. His first night there was the worst. Loud snarling and puffs of air outside his small window. Growls that had him quaking in his bed. But nothing came in, nothing dragged him out by his hair. The basket was emptied, and Atsumu was alive. He fell into a routine after

that. Planting vegetables and herbs, hunting for more in the forest, washing his clothes in the stream, reading books about skin changers and what happened to them. Atsumu left extra food out when he learned the painful history behind them. After a few weeks, Atsumu heard

a deep scratching noise while he was in bed. Too scared to check, he waited until morning. There were claw marks on the side of his little house, deep gauges. Atsumu recalled that it was how skin changers usually marked their territory. He wasn’t sure why that tickled him

pink. Weeks passed, months slipped by, and the nights got colder. Atsumu slept by the fire most nights, shivering. His little home still needed so much work, and the cool wind kept sneaking between the cracks. It was after another night of terrible sleep, that Atsumu woke

to the sounds of construction of some sort. He scrambled into a robe, pulling it tight as he peeked out the front door. Atsumu had never seen him before, but he had no doubt the man outside was the protector of the forest. The skin changer. He was tall, Atsumu would barely

come up to his chest. Broad, wide shoulders and absolutely packed with muscle. His messy black curls looked freshly cleaned, and Atsumu could see the two dots above his brow. Signaling that he was not human. Not completely. Atsumu hadn’t realized he had gasped until dark eyes

met his. He was torn between shutting the door, and greeting the man. “Come here, my little witch,” Atsumu blushed to his roots at the deep, gravely voice. He creaked open the door, shuffling his way out. “Would you like some tea? Breakfast?” Atsumu thought some warm food

sounded perfect at the moment. “It’s the first time you see me in flesh, and you offer me food?” Dark eyes grew hungry, and Atsumu wondered if he misstepped, he slowly nodded. “What a bold little human you are,” a huge hand covered almost the entirety of his back. “I prefer

that over meekness.” “What’s your name?” Atsumu could feel the warmth from the hand on him, it settled his cold bones. The skin changer thought for a moment, “Kiyoomi. Yours?” “Atsumu!” He chirped as cheerily as he could. “It goes well with my family name,” Kiyoomi pushed him

towards the hut. “Go make breakfast while I work.” Atsumu practically floated to his little stove, twirling his blonde hair as he cooked. It felt so domestic. So intimate. They were outside in the brisk morning air, Kiyoomi much too large for his home. “My house will be better

for us. Sturdy. Room for offspring.” Kiyoomi finished first, washing his plate in the stream. “Us? Offspring?” Atsumu wondered how much of the book he might have mistranslated. He was sure it said food was an offering between friends. “Since we are courting, you wouldn’t need

to move in for a while. I’ll keep the chill out of this home until it is time,” Kiyoomi had buckets of moss to stuff into any crevice or hole. “Courting?” Atsumu squeaked. Kiyoomi turned to look at him, so large. So beautiful. His chest was hairy, black curls looking tempting

peeking over the top of his shirt. “You have been courting me since you moved here, have you not?” There was a tenseness to his body that Atsumu hated. “Of course! I’m just so glad yer interested!” Atsumu grinned, body vibrating. “You are small,” Kiyoomi hummed at Atsumu’s

huff. “But I can tell you are strong. Brave. Smart. You will be a good mate.” Atsumu watched as Kiyoomi started working on his house, feet kicking back and forth in quiet happiness. “I think ya will be, too,” Atsumu wasn’t expecting the joy to flash across Kiyoomi’s face. Nor

the way he slid to his knees in front of him. He was still taller than Atsumu like that. “My pretty mate has such faith in me,” warm breath wafted over Atsumu’s face before lips met his temple. His cheek. Kiyoomi rubbed their faces together, scenting. “My sweet mate.”

That night, Atsumu kept the door cracked. The largest black bear he had ever seen nosed open the door, letting himself in. Atsumu worried there wasn’t enough room, but they made it work. Soft, dark fur kept him warm all night. Kept him protected. When Atsumu awoke, it was in

the arms of a man. Just as immense as the bear’s. “My little mate,” Kiyoomi whispered, voice rough. Atsumu scooted back, cuddling in further. “My big, strong, bear.” Come spring time, Atsumu had a new home. New mate. New bite mark. He had never been happier.

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