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6 months ago I talked about the coming chaos. I called it a "managed decline" & many people didn't understand. Here's an example of what I mean (and a warning): The Dutch Farmer Strike (and resulting forced starvation). If you haven't heard of this yet...buckle up. 🧵

The Dutch Farmers reacted the way you'd expect: they got pissed and protested. So the Dutch government is now trying to kill them. No, really:

Another video of Dutch police violence: There are tons more you can find, the point is, the Dutch Government feels totally OK using lethal force against people they are openly stealing from and oppressing.

This is BIG. It goes way beyond the politics of a small European country. The Dutch are the WORLDS 2ND BIGGEST AG EXPORTER (after US). Why'd the Dutch Government do this? To meet EU "climate goals." No seriously. Unelected bureaucrats made up numbers, and here we are.

They KNOW this is going to starve people around the world. How can I say that for sure? They are already trying to justify and rationalize. Look at this--on the UNs website!

And this is not remotely the end. This is only the beginning. So many indications this is intentional and created by some sort of plan:

And of course, they keep trying to sell people on eating bugs. This is my favorite propaganda about this so far. Its...mind blowing to watch the brazenness of it:

This thread is not about convincing people this is coming. It's HERE and HAPPENING. If you don't choose to see it or believe the evidence, thats fine. Reality will catch up to you soon enough. This thread is for those who get it, but haven't really started preparing.

Let me be very clear: If you don't have some food stored, and access or ability to grow/produce your own food, you're putting yourself at a serious risk of at best total subjugation, and worst death.

Obviously I can't predict what'll happen. I think America will resist this much better than most, for two reasons: 1. We have an armed citizenry willing and able to defend themselves against this tyranny, and 2. Our size and political structure make this sort of control hard

BUT--they're going to try some form of this here, and resistance won't center on guns or politics long term. Resistance will center on the ability of communities to be (mostly) sovereign. Can you produce what you need or not? If so, you'll stay free. If not...probably NGMI.

Ugh--I linked the same two violence videos, my bad. Here are more:

And of course, Biden even warned about this earlier. They KNOW their policies are causing this, and just expect you to roll over and take it:

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