sakuatsu, jealous!kiyoomi, getting together // Thinking about Kiyoomi at his tryout for the Jackals seeing Atsumu and his heart /immediately/ lighting up for some weird, unknown reason. After he joins the team, he and Atsumu develop a strong bond both on and off the court.

But when Hinata shows up for his tryout and latches on to Atsumu, Kiyoomi feels his heart sinking. Slowly, Kiyoomi feels Atsumu's attention split between him and Hinata. Where Atsumu once loved setting to Kiyoomi, Hinata was now the target of most of Atsumu's sets.

Even worse, Kiyoomi overhears Hinata mention how "Back in high school, Atsumu promised he'd set to me one day!" And he sees how happy the duo is not that the promise has been fulfilled. Kiyoomi starts avoiding both of them; his jealousy consumes him when he sees them interacting.

He starts hanging out with Bokuto more often. He listens to his lovesick rambles about Akaashi & how they've been in love ever since Bokuto fell in love with his sets. /Oh./ Everything clicks for Kiyoomi; how he had latched on to Atsumu, their dynamic on the court, his jealousy.

The next day, Kiyoomi knocks on Atsumu's door. As soon as the door opens, Kiyoomi spills. "I love your sets because I love you." "What?" "I love you. I miss how you used to set to me. Please don't be in love with Hinata." "WHAT?"

Kiyoomi is shocked to learn that Hinata has been dating Kageyama since high school and that the promise had just been made out of admiration for Hinata's jumping capabilities. "And I've only been setting to him so much because he's new and we gotta see how our gameplay flows!"

Atsumu spends the rest of the night covering Kiyoomi in kisses to show just how much he loves him. And when he starts calling out "Babe!" to indicate where his set is going, Kiyoomi has never been giddier to hit a ball in his life. // end !!

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