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Ideal method and frequency of stretching for Beginners 🧘 Becoming the illusive Human Pretzel Gigachad Thread πŸ§ΆπŸ‘‡

Static stretching > PNF stretching PNF and Static gain similar results, PNF usually out performs static however static is a much simpler method that can be applied to every muscle group.

Believe it or not 10mins of stretching each muscle group is all you need to maximize return on time spent. I find it best to break down your stretching into either 3 or 6 sessions per week. 3 sets for 30 seconds, 6 days per week or 3 sets for 60 seconds, 3 days per week

Anderson Method: Warmup for 5-10 mins Your first stretch for each muscle group will start with a easy shallow hold for 15-20 secs, then proceed to your 30s or 60s deep intermediate stretch.

Cramming your sessions into one big session will not yield the same results as shorter sessions spread throughout the week. You can apply this rule to all physical pursuits! Best results are gained from light consistent stretching. A little discomfort is perfect.

NEVER push yourself to pain! This is where injuries occur. Be grateful for your own journey, it may take you 1 year for a front split and a friend 1 month. Who cares? Developing a healthy habit is what really matters.

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