The best guide to EUROPE DROPSHIPPING absolutely for free! After doing 90m€- A thread 🧡 If this post gets 300 retweets I will create a PDF with the EXACT FB ADS strategy we use & share it with you through DM: retweet Follow me Comment β€žPDF πŸ”₯β€œ And get your pdf when we hit 300.

(1) My biggest general learnings after nearly four years in the game.

(2) PRODUCT CATEGORIES: the product categories we are in and make us the most money.

(3) STORE SETUP: how your store should be build for the European market.

(4) COUNTRY DIFFERENCES: the most important thing when moving from US to EU is to realise that all countries are different!

(5) FACEBOOK SETUP: the most important thing when it comes to DS, your FB ads!

(6) AGENCY ACCOUNTS: why we can scale to high without any problems from FB

(7) FACEBOOK PAGE FEEDBACK SCORE: Get rid of the problem by using our off shore setup.

(8) PRODUCT RESEARCH: how to find Potential winning products in fashion and shoes.

(9) PAYPAL: get a dropshipping paypal account.


(11) now do the following: 1- follow me for me ecom tips! 2- use these points and create a DS empire! 3- retweet the first post of this thread to get the pdf! 4- send me a DM if you are looking for the real deal agency fb and tik tok accounts!

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