Law Of Assumption

Law Of Assumption




A lot of the time people want their SP back but continue to dwell on their negative attributes or situations (they broke up with you, etc). While it is important to acknowledge your feelings, it's also crucial to see your SP as your ideal person, not the person that hurt you.

Getting your SP back has to do with your own self concept. Getting your SP to behave EXACTLY how you want them to, and not revert back to how they were, involves your self concept + creating a new identity for SP.

The first part of this whole process is letting go of the victim mindset. Yes, they did XYZ. However, the longer you dwell in that space mentally, the longer they will keep showing up like that for you. You have to decide to move forward from this space.

Your self concept comes in here. You should identify as a winner at all times. As someone always loved,magnetic, unique, always respected, and always chosen. When you're in this identity fully, you will not relate to the negative things SP did in the past.

After you have solidified your self concept, you can then begin to mentally mold your SP into the version of them you want, the version of them that matches your self concept. They go above and beyond for you, they love you endlessly, they appreciate you,they initiate,etc.

Really immerse yourself in this idealized version of SP. If you find you are mentally resisting this new version, just imagine a partner having the qualities mentioned (they love you, cherish you, etc) without mentally attaching the actual image of your person.

The final part of the process involves repeating these thoughts and holding yourself to the standards you set out in establishing your self concept, and holding your person to the qualities you want to see.

This means, not identifying with any behaviours, words, or language from SP's old story, and not identifying as your old story or victim mindset. Be disciplined in creating the change you want to see.

You will find that your person will ALWAYS come back, regardless of circumstances, as the version you want them to be.

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