#taekookau where for over a year now, photographer taehyung and Actor Jungkook have been in a no strings attached, friends with benefits sort of relationship. But when someone teases Jungkook about being whipped for Tae, the actor decides to change the way he treats him. πŸ”žπŸ”ž

Or Taehyung is a struggling photographer who sometimes assists on photoshoots with the top actor in the country, Jeon Jungkook. They were friends in middle school, so one thing leads to another and they start hooking up discreetly. Jungkook has always been respectful,

But after a small trip with his actor buddies, the top star starts treating Taehyung differently. Taehyung doesn't quite know what to make of it.


Taehyung stood on the pavement, outside the tall wrought iron gates of the luxury apartment complex, huddled against the wall with his head bowed. The parka he was wearing had definitely seen better days and the rain was starting to get heavier. He shivered, drenched and cold.

He glanced down at his phone, his eyes going over the call log. Seven calls. He'd called Jungkook seven times and the actor hadnt picked up. Their last conversation was five days ago, over the phone because Jungkook was at a ski resort with his actor buddies. He

Had mentioned that he would be back in three days and they could meet up the day he got back. Taehyung had tried calling him a couple times afterwards. But he hadn't picked up. The photographer chalked it up to the actor being busy with his friends. But Jungkook was back now.

He was in Seoul, according to the media outlets and Taehyung just wanted to see him. He had texted him that he would be coming over and Jungkook had responded with a vague " Hmm. " Taehyung felt confused of course but he hadn't thought too much about it. But now he was here and.

Well, he couldn't get in unless Jungkook let him in. This had never actually happened before. No matter how busy, Jungkook would pick his call. He wrapped his arms around himself, feeling rather ashamed of himself. Maybe he was being too clingy. They weren't boyfriends.

They were barely friends. The rain came down faster and Taehyung felt his fingers and toes going numb. If he stayed out longer he would get sick. He had a few shoots lined up the next day. Sighing, the photographer began moving away to the curb. He called Jungkook again.

No answer. β„πŸ¦‹β„ A few miles away, Jungkook paused in the middle of flirting with a pretty blonde guy dancing next to him at the club. His phone kept buzzing. He wanted pick the call but, his friends words still rang in his ear. "He whistles and you go running like a dog. "

So he slipped the phone back in and focused on the man next to him, swallowing the sliver of guilt that bubbled up inside him. It was fine. They weren't boy friends. They were barely friends. Jungkook didn't owe Taehyung anything. He drew the man closer and grinned.

β„πŸ¦‹β„πŸ¦‹ ( authors note: I haven't slept at all, all night.)

Tags Angst with a happy ending. Friends with benefits. Jk is a bit of an asshole but he gets better. Falling in love? Class difference.

Taehyung had read somewhere that in any relationship, the person who cared less, held more power. And while they weren't in a committed relationship, between him and Jungkook the actor definitely held more power, simply by virtue of who he was. Tae, unlike JK was inconsequential.

And this fact became even more evident in the early hours of the next morning, when Taehyung woke to the sound of something breaking on his living room floor, followed by Jungkook's low voice cursing aloud. He blinked back sleep glancing at his phone. It was 2.39AM. No calls.

It took him a second to understand that Jungkook had used his spare key to let himself in. This was because Jungkook's schedule was erratic to put it lightly and Taehyung just didn't want him to wait in the hallway of his dilapidated apartment complex and attract attention.

So he'd given the actor a spare key to! Use in case of emergencies.. Jungkook had never used it before. Outside the rain still pummeled the streets of Seoul, little streams of water running down the lanes and bylanes, streetlights dripping water. Taehyung's bedroom was cold.

He threw his leg over the bed, sitting up straight just as Jungkook appeared on the doorway to his bed room shrugging off his Burberry Coat, and kicking his 5000$ shoes off his leg. Taehyung stared as the actor stared at him. "Hey beautiful. " He said softly, smiling.

Tae could only blink, frowning a little as he stood up, still feeling chilled from being out in the rain for so long. He moved to Jungkook's side, flinching when the smell of alcohol hit him. He noticed the sweat damp forehead and neck and swallowed. "You were out at a club? "

The actor rolled his eyes. "I'm not drunk if that's what you're implying. The boys wanted to celebrate and I couldn't say no. You know how it is. But I missed you. Come here... " He reached for him, gripping his waist and tugging him close. "I... I called you. "

Jungkook slipped his hands, ice cold from the rain, up the back of his shirt, tracing the skin there and making him shiver, and this close Taehyung could smell the alcohol even more and he felt unsure. "Jungkook I think you're not sober enough to... " "Take your clothes off. "

( warnings 🚨 : this could read as dubious con / coercion because Jk is a little drunk.).

"I missed you so fuxking much. " Jungkook muttered, nosing into the curve between his neck and his shoulder, lips pressing damp wet kisses along his skin, and Taehyung felt himself grow hard, body responding before he could get his head on straight. " Jungkook listen.. "

" I don't want to listen, "The actor whispered. "Spent the entire evening listening to bastards yap away about shit I don't give a single fuck about and now, I'm done. I want to fuck you into that mattress and the only thing I want to listen to is the sound of you cuming for me."

Jungkook's hands are a familiar vice around his waist, walking him back till the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed and then he's falling, landing on the mattress and Jungkook crawls on top of him, spreading his thighs with practiced ease, tugging his boxers off.

Taehyung barely caught his breath, gripping his shoulders and trying to get some semblance of control, but Jungkook leaned in, kissing his mouth, firm and harsh. " Isn't that what I come here for, Tae? So I can fuck you and forget about all the shit I go through out there..? "

Taehyung felt something freeze up inside him at the words, a bit like someone had doused his insides with icy cold water. He wasn't sure why the words stung so much and why he felt, horribly horribly like some kind of object. But then Jungkook was gripping his chin, kissing him.

Taehyung closed his eyes, for a second and tries to relax. He felt Jungkook reach for the lube he kept under his pillow and a second later the sound of the cap snapping open made him swallow, throat dry. Jungkook wasnt sober enough to be careful and he flinched when the

first finger pressed in, gripping Jungkook's arm and squeezing. Taehyung was no stranger to rough sex. Jungkook had always been rough with him. And he liked it. Preferred it even. But then he felt disconnected as the actor pushed into him, mostly because Jungkook's words, hurt.

Taehyung gripped the back of the younger man's hair, eyes screwed shut as the actor chased his own high, too out of it to care much about Taehyung. Taehyung stared at the ceiling, barely listening to Jungkook's whispered endearments and praise, none of them reaching his mind.

He felt Jungkook's hips stutter a little and then the alpha was pulling out of him, reaching for something in his pocket, and Taehyung blinked when he pulled out a condom, tearing it open and rolling it on over the head of his cock. Jungkook leaned down, kissing him as he slid

Back in. Taehyung felt a cramp starting some where in the back of his leg and tried to fold the limb, get some relief before the muscles seized up for good, but Jungkook kept him pinned down and immobilized. Thankfully his orgasm seemed to hit him right after, and T

Taehyung closed his eyes as he felt the man spill into the condom. He closed his eyes, counting to ten before pressing his palms against Jungkook's shoulders, pushing him off and stretching his legs, swearing as he sat up, shaking uncontrollably. He looked back at Jungkook.

The actor was groaning into the pillow, carefully taking off the condom and tying it off, tossing it on the trash can right next to the bed. He wrapped his arms around himself before reaching for the small bottle of water he kept by the bed. Jungkook's phone rang.

Taehyung watched the man fumble with it, before pressing it to his ears. "Yeah Jihoon. " He muttered. A pause. "No, I didn't go home with him, he was so fuxking clingy. Don't need that shit in my life. " He muttered. Taehyung clenched his fists a little. "Yeah. See you. "

"Did you go home with the guy you were kissing.. " Jungkook scoffed. " As if. It was just a fuxking kiss. And wasn't even that good. " He groaned. " Fucker kissed me when I was drunk, wouldn't move away when I pushed him off. Bet he just wanted to brag to all his buddies. "

The actor stared up at him then. "You kissed me when I was a nobody, remember? " He whispered. Tae went completely still. His mouth felt like it had been stuffed with cotton wool. "That.. that was a long time ago. " He muttered looking away. " We're different people now."

Jungkook scoffed. "Right. Different people." He sat up, groaning. Taehyung watched him reach for his pants, buttoning them up again. He hadn't even undressed to fuck him he realized. It was only 3.10. Barely half hour had passed. "Where are you going? " He sighed.

Jungkook frowned. "Home. Where else? I can't sleep here. " He shook his head. " I have an interview at nine o clock. Hair and make up at seven. My managers gonna pick me up. I have to be home. " He muttered, before moving to the door and reaching for his shoes.

Taehyung watched as he shrugged his coat on. "I called you, you didn't pick up. " "Busy." Jungkook said curtly. " You know how it gets. " Taehyung didn't know. "Okay. Right. " He muttered, looking away feeling hollowed out and empty. "Come home tomorrow." Jungkook said.

Taehyung hesitated. "I have photoshoots tomorrow. " He said, " I'll be busy and... " "Fine I'll come over again. Still got the key. " Right. "Just call me before you come over. Let me know. " "Why? " Jungkook grinned, " I'm letting you know, now right? "

"What the fuck is wrong with you tonight? " He snapped, losing his patience entirely. " You sound like a fucking jerk right now, Jungkook. "

Jungkook fixed his coat and buttoned it up. He stared at him for a few more seconds. "I've always been this way. I don't know why you're acting all surprised, now. " He shrugged. "Get out. " Taehyung growled. " Now. " Jungkook grinned again. "Thanks for tonight hyung. "

🌿🌿🌿 ( authors note : that's it. Fair warning. This is just a teaser. I don't plan on starting it. Because I have too many other fics to finish.) πŸ’œ

( the way I want to make this as complicated as wtsb but I will refrain myself)

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