Dog Two 🌊

Dog Two 🌊



It’s 0100. Raining. Cold. And you forgot what dry feels like. 18 miles ago, you thought it wasn’t that far to the ORP that you, your dad, and uncle agreed upon. At least that’s what you told them. The surrounding area is crawling with foreign forces that experts said,⤵️

“would never get this far in” and domestic forces that they said, “would be on your side.” “There’s a gun behind every bush,” said some fat boomer that never saw a squat rack Fox News circa 2017.⤵️

Between the three of you. You have one set of NVGs, 1000 rounds, and a keen sense of impending doom. You’re in the end game now and nothing you do can make up for lost opportunities. Do you own a spear? Where is your shield? Your armor and sandals?

Are you the one in the village that walks around announcing he is a warrior while simply only playing games? This is the average RWBB, as well as the average patriot. No spear, no sword, no shield, no armor or sandals, no training. Doing handstands in the town square.

Hollow words yelled from a soapbox that will be paid for in blood. You may be physically beautiful, but do not maintain this illusion of being deadly. Alone as you are. Do not take my words as a spit in the face. I am here for you. Because I love my brothers.

Let this be your wake-up call because your situation may be much worse than the one I have painted. As you maintain your body, you must maintain your Arms and training. If you haven’t spent at least 10k in proper tactical gear

and spent time with it, you can hardly sit where you are and call yourself a modern-day spartan or ancient warrior of your choosing. You may sit there and scoff at this statement, but how much was legionary or hoplite kit?

Too often I see gun retards go out and buy 10 guns all taking different ammo types maybe 3 magazines total not thinking of a bigger picture. Not having the basics, no FLC, no ear or eye pro, no trauma kit, no boots, not even a good water source.

Too often I hear strong men say, I do not need any of these things because I will take them from those weaker than me. They get online or sit in their circle of friends exclaiming they are ready for war or to come and take it.

When in reality, they are only ready to take potshots in their backyard or a quick grave when true chaos comes. BE BETTER. WE ARE TRAINING FOR WAR. In these circles, I know and see so many great men. Men of power and presence. We must be ready for when the bell tolls,

have our spears and shields, forming the Phalanx and Testudo with flawless ease. For you cannot form it with your bare hands. God will not save you when you do not know what to do. He will not save your loved ones from death and enslavement.

Fumbling your spears because you have never picked them up. Going to the wrong position because you have never been in any position at all. Do not pretend you are a warrior. Become one because they are needed. I am at the mountain top waiting for you with my brothers.

In the coming years, much more will be required of men like us. Remnants of the West. The black gate and eye are looming over us. Do you not know Death when you see it? The darkness is not returning to the abyss.

Nor will it with little effort. The Last Alliance is forming in hidden places, and the kings are returning. Be ready for them, be ready for us. For you may be one of them. Because without us the world of men will fall.

Lift, Read, Study, Train. Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor. We all know these tenets. We all respect them and apply them best we know-how. My message to you though is do not live a false fantasy.

Become Real. Real in every way. Know you are a warrior, do not pretend, never stop learning the art of war. So, when the time comes, you do not fumble your spear in front of your loved ones. The Gods are watching you… Do not disappoint. -Bane

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