#Dkbk Angst with happy ending, one-sided OMC/Katsuki, Red Strings Akaito is an average salaryman with a weak quirk called Red Thread. Just another background character in life. Akaito is also a big fan of Dynamight. He admires his strength, his will, and his passion.

Dynamight amazes and fills him with the power to carry on through life. Akaito knows there’s no chance of Dynamight looking his way. He’s just an ordinary civilian, and they live in different worlds. One day, after a villain attack, he sees Dynamight with Deku.

But the thing that catches his eye is the red thread connecting the both of them. Akaito has never seen a thread so utterly tangled, complicated. But it connects to the two heroes despite all that. It’s so vivid, so beautiful, so... so... Utterly sickening.

Akaito runs home, guilty of the jealousy he feels because he has no right. It’s not like he had a chance. He just thought... that the hero would be alone forever, like an untouchable star in the sky. Dynamight doesn’t belong to anyone.

He falls asleep that night, recalling his high school years when people used him for his quirk. He remembers the thread between his fingers, the overwhelming feeling of fear and thrill. Being within range of a villain attack is scary.

Being used as a hostage is fucking terrifying. Akaito doesn’t dare move as the villain makes claims and other things people running for their lives wouldn’t care about. He just had to be the unfortunate one to get dragged into it.

The villain yanks him up and holds him over the broken window. Oh fuck, fuck, he’s going to die. “SMASH!” His heart leaps to his throat as he falls, but something wraps around him and yanks him into someone’s hold.

“I got you!” Deku shouts as Dynamight flies past and slams his fist into the villain’s face. Shouto surfs by, sliding the air with his hand, trapping the minions in his ice. “Hey, hey, look at me.” Deku sets him down and rubs his arms. “You’re okay. I got you.” “T-thank you.”

Akaito shivers. “It’s okay to be scared,” Deku reassures him. “Ka—Dynamight and Shouto got everything covered. What’s your name?” “A-Akaito Haruki.” The hero smiles. “You did well, Akaito-san.” “Oi, Deku.” Both of them jolt in surprise.

Akaito clams up at the sight of Dynamight in all his glory, just within arm’s length. “A-ah, t-t-than—” Akaito cringed as he bit his tongue. He looks away in shame. Dynamight snorts, making his face grow redder. “Well, looks like you’re fine.

But let the medics check you over, just in case.” He turns to Deku, giving him a quick scan before jerking his thumb to the side. “Come on, Deku. Halfie is waiting for our reports.” Without another word, he turns and walks away.

Deku’s smile is fond as he watches the explosive hero walk away. The sight reminds Akaito of the red thread around the hero’s hand. “I have to go now, but please let the medics look after you, okay?”

Akaito doesn’t know what came over him, but when Deku starts to leave, he grabs the hero’s hand. “Akaito-san?” Deku tilts his head at him. “What is it?” He blinks and slowly pulls away. “Ah… no, nothing. Thank you again.” Deku laughs. “No need to thank me.

It’s my duty, after all!” Akaito let the thread slide between his fingers as Deku walks away. /”Come on, Akaito. You can do it, right?” “I-I can, but I shouldn’t.” “Everyone deserves a chance at love. What are you scared of?”/ Snip.

Akaito lays in bed, staring at the red thread wrapped around his pinky. So bright, so vibrate. He sleeps uneasily that night. The full realization of what he has done hits him when he wakes up. What has he done?! He swore that he would never mess with this type of thing again.

He can fix this. He follows the string until it leads him to a café wear a man wearing a cap and glasses sits in the corner. The hero looks up and meets his eyes when he comes in. Akaito is going to fix this, but at that moment, he freezes. Caught like a deer in headlights.

“Are you going to stand there or take a seat?” Automatically, Akaito sits in Dynamight’s booth before realizing his mistake. “It’s fine,” Dynamight says before he can get up and apologize. “You’re Akaito, right?” “Y-you know me?”

“Damned Deku was yapping my ear off about you, so why wouldn’t I?” Akaito looks at his lap, suddenly ashamed at the mention of the green-haired hero. “Ah… D-Dynamight, I’ve—” “Bakugou.” Akaito blinks. “What?” “It’s my day off.” Dyna-Bakugou rolls his eyes.

“I’m not Dynamight right now. And keep it down.” He sips his coffee as he flips through his book. Akaito couldn’t help but stare at the man before him. While Dynamight is intense, passionate, and untouchable, Bakugou is human, a star within his grasp. “You’re pretty.”

Akaito blurts out. He slaps a hand over his mouth as Bakugou’s eyes shoot over to him. “Huh,” Bakugou leans forward, resting his chin on his hand as he smirks. “You’re bold.” Akaito doesn’t really remember what they talked about.

But he comes out of the café with Bakugou’s number in his phone. He’ll fix his mess. But before that… just a little bit, he wants to spend some time with Bakugou. He ignores the heavy weight of the red string around his pinky. -------- Katsuki feels… off these few days.

Like all, his limbs feel out of place. It doesn’t help that his friends give him concerned looks, asking if he and Deku are fighting. They’re not. He hadn’t spoken to Deku in a week, but that didn’t mean they were fighting.

In fact, the only time they talk is when they’re paired together for work. Even Half and Half looked like his world was turned on its head. He doesn’t understand the fuss. It’s not like he’s Deku’s keeper. His thoughts turn to the guy he has been meeting up with after work.

He is awkward as hell but cute when he tries his best. Maybe he should make him lunch for tomorrow. The poor guy looks like he doesn’t eat enough. Katsuki peers into his fridge, musing about what to make. “Maybe katsudon…” Katsudon?

Wasn’t that Deku’s… He pauses, a sense of something uncomfortable stirring in his guts. Something is wrong here. Something very, very wrong. He turns around, catching sight of his dinner table. Why did he set the table for two?

Katsuki rubs his head, feeling a migraine starting. “Date. What’s the date?” He vaguely recalls that today is important. But what? Maybe Deku will… Wait. Katsuki swallows hard. When did Katsuki start calling him Deku? Wasn’t it Izuku? “Izuku.”

He whispers, testing the name on his tongue. It feels right and wrong at the same time. He fumbles for his phone, dialing the first number in his contact. He needs to tell someone something is wrong before he forgets.

He can feel the sense of unease slipping away like water, and that scares him. “Izuku, Izuku, Izuku.” Katsuki mutters as his fingers rub the ring hanging from his neck. Izuku always picks up no matter what he’s doing. Izuku can help him figure out what’s happening to him.

The phone continues to ring. With each ring, the ache in his chest eases away until it becomes a dull throb. Deku doesn’t pick up.

[To be continued...] ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚💚🧡

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------ “I’m hungry.” Izuku sighs. To his side, Todoroki gives him a look. “We just ate lunch a few minutes ago.” “But I’m still hungry!” Izuku digs into his pouches to see if there’s anything worth eating. “I should’ve ordered another jumbo ramen bowl.”

Todoroki looks comically pale at his claim. “Bakugou must be amazing to handle your appetite….” He blinks, confused as to why Todoroki brought Katsuki up. “What do you mean?”

“Bakugou usually cooks for you, right?” Todoroki tilts his head. “Speaking of, I haven’t seen his bentos. Is everything all right?” “I can cook by myself.” Izuku pouts, annoyed that people think Izuku can’t cook. He can cook.

It’s not his fault that Katsuki shoved bentos at him without asking. Who was Izuku to say no to free food? “I don’t need Katsuki to baby me.” Todoroki frowns. “Are you sure you guys aren’t fighting? Since when do you call Bakugou, Katsuki?”

He does make a point. But wasn’t that a good thing that he stopped using that childish nickname? Izuku shrugs, lips quirking up. “I guess it’s time for a change.” “If you say so…” Todoroki looks like he disapproves of his words, but that doesn’t matter.

Izuku thinks Katsuki is a great name. Their earpiece crackles to life. Izuku grins, preparing to leap as green electricity flickers over his skin. “Don’t be like that, Todoroki-kun; change is a good thing.” Ah… he’s so hungry.

------ Izuku frowns down at his bowl. Something was wrong. He had made this dish millions of times before and knew it by heart. So why does it taste so bland? Izuku groans and picks up his phone to order takeout.

Truthfully, Izuku has been feeling off these past few days. He had been eating as if he had been starving for weeks. Even Uraraka has pointed out his increase in appetite. Not to mention… his friends kept asking if he and Katsuki were fighting.

They weren’t. There was no reason to talk to Katsuki outside of work. So, what if Izuku has been partnering up with Todoroki more? Katsuki’s not complaining about it. It’s not like they’re attached to the hip.

Izuku doesn’t understand why everyone’s hounding his relationship with him; quite frankly, it’s getting annoying. The doorbell rings, snapping Izuku out of his thoughts. “Oh, coming!” After obtaining his food, Izuku digs in, enjoying to burst of flavors on his tongue.

Just then, his phone rings. “Who is calling this late?” Izuku mutters, annoyed at having his meal interrupted. Green eyes widen at the sight of the caller. “Kacchan?” That’s odd. He rarely calls, so Izuku wonders what happened.

Then he pauses, his finger hovering over the green icon. No, Izuku isn’t his keeper. He sets the phone face down and pushes it away. He continues to eat as the phone rings and rings. When it fails to ring again, Izuku deems the issue must not have been significant.

------ “What’s that?” Izuku looks to where Todoroki’s pointing and beams, holding up his phone. “It’s an old age All Might phone charm! I even got my hands on a standee and a cutout of the top five heroes!”

Todoroki’s making that ‘I’m judging you, but it doesn’t look like I’m judging you’ blank expression again. “Those aren’t even out yet. Did you… did you buy your own merch?”

“I did. It feels nice being one of the few to have limited-edition merch.” He grins, swinging the phone chain from side to side. “Haven’t you been buying too much lately?” Todoroki muses. “You never splurged like this before.”

Izuku huffs. “You know, Todoroki-kun, you’re starting to sound like a nagging parent.” “I’m just—” He pats his shoulder, giving him an understanding smile. “You’re worried about me, I understand. I want to indulge a bit. That isn’t bad, right?”

Todoroki searches Izuku’s gaze, and upon finding nothing there, he relaxes. “Sorry, Midoriya. You and Bakugou have been acting strange. I didn’t want my two best friends fighting.” It’s a bit touching that Todoroki is this concerned for him.

Although the worry is ruined by the mention of fighting with Katsuki again. “We’re not fighting, I promise.” “All right,” Todoroki nods. “I believe you.” Their comms crackle to life, signaling them to move.

Izuku flies through the sky using float, while Todoroki follows with his fire. It was a robbery situation, which would’ve been easy for the police if only the villains didn’t put bystanders in harm’s way. “Midoriya, there!”

The villain shoves a mother and a boy into oncoming traffic, lighting fury in him. Izuku yanks them to push with blackwhip as Todoroki slices the air, trapping most of the villains in a cage of ice needles. The main villain books it toward the underpass with incredible speed.

Unfortunately for him, Izuku’s faster. Gear shift. Izuku slams into him, knocking him down. He activates gear shift again, making his struggling slow. “It’s over, villain.” Izuku flips him over and punches his face. “W-wait!” The villain cries out. “I give, I give!”

“You nearly killed someone,” Izuku states coldly, pulling his fist back. “Clench your teeth.” “I’m sorry!” The villain pleads, trying to block his face. “Please stop—” Izuku sends waves of punches toward him. The look of fear, the desperation, it’s oddly intoxicating.

He slapped the villain’s face when it looked like he was going to pass out. “Hey, don’t sleep yet. Show me more.” Punch. “More,” Punch. “More, more, more—” “…riya! Midoriya!” Strong arms wrap around him and yank him off the villain. “That’s enough! What has gotten into you?!”

The villain’s face is a bloodied mess. There’s blood staining the white of his gloves, still clinging with warmth. He should feel ashamed and disgusted with himself, instead, he wants to do it again.

He wants to feel the thrill running through his veins, filling up the emptiness inside of him. “It was deserved.” “What?” Izuku flicks Todoroki’s grip off of him. “He nearly killed those two people. So, I taught him a lesson. An eye for an eye, right?”

“You used excessive force.” It seems Todoroki doesn’t agree. His face is devoid of emotion when he blocks Izuku’s view of the villain. “They also used excessive force.” He counters. “Go home, Midoriya.”

Izuku glares, leaning into Todoroki’s space. “Who are you to tell me what to do? He had it coming.” “Midoriya,” Todoroki says, his voice as firm and authoritative as Endeavor, leaving no room for questions. “Go home.” Izuku’s fingers itch to fight. He wants to defend himself.

After all, he only did what was right. But then he notices the slight trembling in Todoroki’s shoulders, the fear behind the cold front. Izuku smiles. “Maybe you’re right. I do feel a bit under the weather. Thank you for looking after me, Todoroki-kun.”

He places his bloodied hand on Todoroki’s shoulder. His lips threaten to curl upwards when his body stiffens under his touch. “I’ll be sure to give you my report by tomorrow!” He pulls away, leaving a red stain on Todoroki’s uniform.

With a hum, he goes back to the agency to change. ------ Izuku hums to himself as he walks out of the alley. His knuckles throb pleasantly as he leaves the scums behind him. After alerting the police and having his fill, they served their purpose.

He stretches his arms to the sky and rotates his neck to get the kink of it before walking down a street, keeping his face hidden under his hat. What restaurant should he eat at today? Perhaps a buffet? Huh? Was that Katsuki over there?

There’s an old and familiar warmth in his chest at the sight of his childhood friend. Izuku suddenly realized that he hadn’t talked to Katsuki in weeks. Suddenly eager, he heads to the blonde with hurried steps. As the blonde comes more into view, Izuku slows to a stop.

It’s Katsuki, all right, but he’s talking to someone and… smiling. Izuku frowns. Has Katsuki smiled like that to Izuku before? He has, hasn’t he? But Katsuki’s soft smiles were reserved for him and only him. So why was Katsuki letting someone else see that expression?

Seeing Katsuki smiling like that to a stranger and not Izuku is somehow… “Infuriating.” His eyes narrow in on the man beside Katsuki. Something hot and suffocating welts up in his chest, filling the emptiness there.

His skin burns with the feeling, and it feels… exhilarating like he found a purpose. The realization strikes him. That’s it! Isn’t this what he was missing: a purpose? Cold green eyes watch Katsuki and the stranger disappears into the crowd.

[To be continued...]

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