Clay Travis

Clay Travis



Just to make it clear where we are: our government mandated 100% healthy people get covid shots provided by for profit companies or lose their jobs & is now telling us that one of the shots they told us to take isnโ€™t safe & has life threatening side effects.

Our government also told us two covid shots would keep us from getting or spreading covid, sought to ban anyone who suggested otherwise, before later admitting it neither kept you from getting or spreading covid.

Our government also told us it wasnโ€™t safe for our kids to go to school in person โ€” even though kids have a statistically 0% risk from covid โ€” & that we all had to wear masks, including two year olds, even though there is no data to support masks making any of us safer.

This fall the government will tell you a 5th covid shot will solve all of it. And if you question any of this at all youโ€™re labeled a conspiracy theorist who needs to be investigated by their allies in mainstream media, doxxed, & threatened with cancellation. This is where we are

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