Minion ⌐◨-◨ in KL 🇲🇾

Minion ⌐◨-◨ in KL 🇲🇾



1) The NFTFi AMM space is definitely an interesting one to explore and monitor. With nearly 2 months after launching the public release of sudoAMM. Curious to understand what are some of the growth/usage metrics like; the market reaction to $SUDO token distribution plan.

2) @sudoswap has acquired roughly 2-3% of the total ETH NFT marketplace - by volume so far, with a peak of 5.6% on 16th August 2022; and acquired 1-3% of the users during the month of August, falling short to <1% during the $SUDO token announcement week. h/t @21Shares @tomwanhh

3) This could possibly mean several different things, one plausible explanation could be some of the airdrop farmers have left the game after the token distribution plan announcement, yet we see organic volume coming from users (market share stood @~2%).

4) 7d average trading volume stood at roughly 600 ETH, with the recent peak of 762ETH and the bottom of 561ETH. Sudoswap has collected nearly $200k in platform fees, with more than 140K NFTs traded, ~29K AMM pools have been created. h/t @rob_0x

5) On the user metrics side, daily active users and new users have been consistently trending down since the August month-end, however, existing user % have been slowly going up at the same time.

6) Interestingly, the majority of the pools are single-sided NFTs pools (~76%), and 12.9% are 2-sided trading pools, with 11.1% coming from the single-sided tokens pools (11.1%). Yet we've seen fairly even buy-sell activities distribution from SudoAMM.

7) 39.6% of the addresses have traded more than once so far; with more than 10% of the total unique users so far being both buyers and sellers on Sudoswap, with 90% of the unique users acting as buyers only, and ~30% only on the selling side. h/t @gm365

8) On the protocol liquidity side, total liquidity reaches nearly 100k NFTs + 2000 ETH, with more than 4000 NFT collections. The majority of the pools have been created based on the linear curve pricing model. h/t @andrewhong5297

9) On the $XMON token side, the market showing a strong interest in trading $XMON post the public release of SudoAMM, shown by the explosive growth of the weekly trades. On the day of the $SUDO token announcement, the market generated $15m of volume in that single day.

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