Dr Strangetweet or How I Learned to Love the RT

Dr Strangetweet or How I Learned to Love the RT



You don’t like the decisions yesterday and today? You’re really not going to like the next part. I mean, it’s your fault, but you’re not going to like it.

See, we were cool with the status quo. Yeah, we wanted abortion to go back to the states. Yeah, we wanted gun rights expanded. Yeah, we wanted our kids safe from LGBTQ indoctrination. But it wasn’t enough to fight about.

We thought you were like us, that we could argue and make small gains and lose some ground but everything staying fairly level and levelheaded. But boy, were we wrong. Because while we were copacetic and just going along to get along, you were pushing.

You pushed abortion. From “legal, safe, and rare in these specific instances”, you pushed now to the point of post birth abortion on demand for any reason.

You pushed gun control. From “background checks and gun free zones” to now “red flag laws” which deny due process.

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