Blissful Babe

Blissful Babe



I chose a midwifery for my pregancy. I received incredible prenatal care, a supportive and comfortable birth, and extensive postpartum care all without ever entering a hospital. This option needs to be presented to all mothers the same way a hospital birth would be.

There is so much more to giving birth than pain, fear, medications, distracted/overworked nurses, and unknown delivery doctors. Birth is a serious endeavor, but it can also be a beautiful experience. Women need to know that they deserve better, for themselves and their babies

Every family member, friend, client, and coworker I know had hospital births. They tell stories of trauma, painful interventions, rushed c-sections, random doctors, and little to no emotional support. My birth story is very different.

I called the midwives at 9 pm, they advised a warm bath and to get some rest to see where things progressed. By 2 am we were headed to the midwifery. When I arrived I was greeted by one of 2 women I saw every month for my entire pregnancy. She was bright-eyed and happy to see me

After a quick exam, we headed to the birth space. An open concept, private house with a full kitchen, bedrooms for family, and a comfortable space in the center for labor. I was advised to do whatever felt best for my body, with little to no interference (unless I wanted it)

I was treated with respect and agency. I was made to feel confident in my bodies ability to do what women have been doing for millennia. I listened. I felt. I let my body guide me as the midwives helped with positioning, breathing techniques, and comfort care.

By 8 am my daughter was entering the world. No yelling, beeping medical equipment, phones, or random medical personnel getting in the way. Just my husband by my side, gentle coaching from my midwives, and a quiet, calm atmosphere of anticipation.

She was placed on my chest within seconds, where she stayed for the next few hours. She was never rushed off to a different room for testing or cleaning. Any exams that needed to happen occurred with little disruption to her and constant skin to skin contact with me.

Over the next few hours my midwives remained in the home with me, making me tea, bringing me snacks, advising on whatever I needed. Again, I was encouraged and supported, comfortable in my ability to care for my baby and use my instincts to learn what was best for her.

I was given the ok to leave after just 6 hours, excited and ready to bring our healthy baby home. Since then my midwives have driven over an hour each way to our homestead to check on the baby and I. Minimal intervention, just enough to ensure we’re both healthy and thriving.

I tell this story to instill hope, to educate any woman who didn’t know she had options. To inspire men to encourage and support their partners and find what is best for their family. Above all, to inspire every woman to seek the happiest, healthiest birth possible.

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