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Making small talk can be overwhelming even for the socially savvy But contrary to popular belief, being good at small talk is a skill anyone can learn AND important at setting the precedent for Rapport Here’s a thread on how to do it:

Small talk alone doesn’t build emotional connections, but it is necessary to get the other persons guard down When their guard is down you can then have a real conversation that can lead to a Deep Connection Small Talk is the key to unlock the opportunity for a conversation

Before we get into the scripts, you must internalize the Behavior Cycle Small Talk is a skill that can be learned. But you actually have to change your behavior (implement the scripts) which then will influence your Beliefs etc It all starts with Behavior

1) Direct Openers These are simple and direct statements meant to start a conversation Direct openers are great for beginners to practice the skill of talking to others As you can see it doesn’t require much creativity Practice this regularly also with cashiers, baristas, etc

One common issue with Direct Openers is the “Ok what do i say next?” You can stack the additional openers Or start with the other ones immediately:

2) Statement Openers This is where you can get creative and use context for the basis of your statement The idea is to say something intriguing that “invites” the other person into the conversation with you + sets the topic Think of social context & shared experience here

3) Question Openers Questions are great to get the other side talking You can ask for an opinion, recommendation, general info etc The point here is to get the conversation going Just make sure the questions are open ended to keep the pressure off you to continue the convo

Remember, any of these can be used alone or stacked together Most important thing is to Practice!

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