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When 16th cen Portuguese sailors discovered the Island of Corvo, furthest in the Azores, it was completely uninhabited. There were no ruins; but there was one piece of evidence that it had once been inhabited, a time weathered statue of a man on horseback pointing to the sea.

The story goes that King Emmanuel of Portugal ordered the statue brought to him, that it was broken in transit, and its pieces were eventually lost entirely.

In 1778 Johan Podolyn, a Swede born in Portugal, published a story claiming that in 1761, he went to Madrid to see Fr. Henrique Flores, a professor & coin collector, who gave him several gold & bronze coins from Carthage & Cyrene in North Africa, dated to ~200 B.C.

Flores claimed that the coins were the remnants of a hoard found in November 1749 in a black pot near the foundation of a destroyed building in Corvo.

Most claims seem consistent that it was pointing to the West, but traditions vary about SW vs NW.

The problem with that theory is the only land β€œwest past Corvo” is the Americas, which were definitely not contacted by ancient Phoenicians/Carthaginians. All evidence of these contacts have been properly dismissed as 19th century forgeries.

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