cw // miyacest , monsterfucking , omegaverse , boypussy atsu, cults , non-con The twins grow up in a small village surrounded by forest, it's a peaceful place and a religious place. They worship the moon, and don't care much for education.

Atsumu knows he's different from Osamu, but he doesn't really understand why... or what it means. Even though they look the same, they have different parts when they're bare. Atsumu is quick to hide what makes him different than the other boys his age, even from his brother.

The problem with that, and what really makes them different, has nothing to do with their human senses. Atsumu can hide his body from Osamu all he wants, but, he can't hide from what Osamu will become... He can't hide from what the moon makes his brother. An alpha, a monster.

As a village, they do rituals on the full moon, they worship it and make offerings to it. But that's all the twins know. They know the moon is good, and it protects them and provides for them... but what that really means is knowledge that is considered forbidden.

It isn't for children to know... But they aren't children anymore, they're on the cusp of adulthood, and their bodies are still as much of a mystery as they were the day they were born. A thing to shame, and a thing to keep to themselves.

The twins celebrate a coming of age ceremony with the rest of those born in the same year, four of them in total. It's a beautiful summer night, and they share a feast under the strawberry moon. It's pretty, a soft pink that makes everything glow like another world.

Atsumu thinks to ask an elder all the questions he's been holding back, he's an adult now... But whenever he approaches one, they fill his cup with more ceremonial wine and tell him to enjoy the night. By the time it ends, Atsumu is unsteady on his feet, with no answers.

He leans on Osamu as they both stumble back to their family house. It's quiet as can be, their parents must still be in town centre with the elders. It doesn't feel uncomfortable, but something seems off as they say goodnight and get into their separate beds.

For some reason, Atsumu has the succinct feeling of leaving, as he falls asleep... Even though he's never left their village, he feels that sensation now; it isn't a place he's leaving, but a part of his life. Never to return again.

cw // nsfw , blood , werewolf It almost seems like a dream, like he's caught in between sleep and wakefulness. He can't move his body, and he feels relaxed, though he's aware something has gotten onto his bed. Something big and heavy, like a shadow.

The thing sniffs around him, and it almost seems like a dog. A wet nose presses to his skin and into his hair, pulling in as much of his scent as it can. It isn't until the thing presses its nose between his legs, where no one has touched - not even himself, that his eyes open.

There's no curtains in their room, they must always let the moonlight in. So Atsumu can see an outline right away, cast in that otherworldly pink. It's huge, twice the size of a human at least, and dark as night. Its fur seems to swallow any light that touches it.

Whether it has paws or hands, Atsumu can't seem to decipher, but its claws are long and sharp enough to rip his sleep clothes like paper. Atsumu wants to scream, the fear in him bubbles up and blooms, but it falls silent in his throat.

He can't do anything, he can't even move his own fingers, he feels paralyzed by this thing and its massive presence. It suffocates the room, it's terrifying. A force that seems to only take; the light, his voice, his power. It demands all of it.

Atsumu thinks to look over to Osamu's bed, to wake him. Osamu would surely save him. Osamu, his perfect brother, his hero, his safety. The smallest sound slips out of his throat, straining with every muscle in his body to just turn his head a little...

But what he sees there, from the corner of his eyes, is an empty bed. There isn't anyone else in this room, but Atsumu and this thing. Hopelessness engulfs him, terror, and the sting of tears tingles at his eyes as he tries his hardest to move. To run away.

"Sam--" Creaks out of his throat, and the faintest whimper. Above him the shadow growls and lets out a heavy breath, its breathing now quickened, as if the struggle is spurring it on.

It grasps at his clothes, pulling them to shreds until nothing but a mess of cloth is left, and his skin is bare to be abused. The thing bites and licks and claws until it drawls blood, and as he bleeds, it laps that up too.

It's jaws are so huge it could easily crush his torso, but it seems pleased with what it's doing, not killing him like a wolf from the forest might, ripping him limb from limb... But playing with him, tasting him.

It sniffs and nuzzles and laps at Atsumu's skin until its scent covers him, and then, when it finally seems happy, it shoves its big snout between Atsumu's legs and begins licking there too. What an unusual feeling... being touched there, at first it seems ticklish.

But that feeling is fleeting, and what follows it is as suffocating as the creature itself. It's blinding, and nauseating. His body twitches and jerks without any movement from his muscles, and it coils around in his stomach and in his thighs.

It feels sweet, almost. Like eating cake, or his favourite treats. There's a rush to it, like sugar, and he wants more of it... But the sensation is soured by the fear and the disgust, the shame. He shouldn't be feeling this, he should be hiding his body.

No one should see his different parts, let alone touch them... Especially not this thing, this horrible hulking beast from a nightmare. There's nothing sweet about it, and yet, that thing doesn't care for whatever turmoil Atsumu is going through.

It continues and continues until Atsumu can no longer think at all. He becomes a shaking body with no spirit or mind inside, so he's nothing but a vessel by the time his first orgasm rips through him. His first, ever. It's so brutally intense, his vision goes white.

He doesn't have a word for whatever that sensation was, he was never taught. But as the beast shoves his body and lumbers to mount him, there's no word for that either. This act is entirely new. But he knows to be scared, it's primal in his bones.

"No--" Atsumu manages, with his face wet and half pressed into the pillow. Whatever presses between his legs now is too big to fit in either of his little holes. The thought of putting anything there at all seems unfathomable, impossible.

The beast nudges and rubs something slick that feels like it's the size of his arm. It's dripping on him, and wet just like he is. He's so soaked now the sheets stick to his hips. His toes twitch and scramble for purchase on the bed as the tip of that thing breaches him.

"No," Atsumu says again, so full of fear now that it's pumping through his blood, spurring him on and giving him strength that doesn't exist. "No, no--" Whatever gentleness that monster had for him before is gone now.

Its claws grasp him and hold him in place as it ruts against him, persistently shoving itself inside him until it fits. It's going to tear him in two, he's going to die like this. Drool drips down from the beasts open maw as it continues, thrusting and thrusting until it happens.

Atsumu has never felt pain like this, so encompassing that he forgets anything else exists at all. His name, who he used to be before this started. When he comes back to himself, he realizes he's been screaming. His throat is raw and that thing is still fucking him.

It's enjoying it, he can tell by the way it breathes. It bites him and licks him, and as Atsumu lays there getting jarred by the heavy thrusts, he accepts he will be consumed by the end of the night. This thing will use him and eat him whole.

Atsumu's tear stained eyes look over to Osamu's empty bed, and he sobs thinking of how his family will find him in the morning. They'll never know how much he suffered, he'll never get to say goodbye to them.

Even as the thing growls and grunts and begins spilling inside him, he can't bring himself to resent Osamu for not being there. Osamu would have died trying to fight this thing, anyone would. It's too big, it's meant for killing.

The weight of the creature settles on him, and its cock swells and pulses inside him. It hurts, but the pain is numb by now. Consciousness slips out of his grasp under the heavy mass, and like that, motionless with his tears dried to his cheeks

the strangest little stir of satisfaction tickles at his abdomen. It feels good, almost sweet. That thing got what it wanted out of him. Atsumu did everything he could. Somehow it feels right. It's fur is softer than expected, he thinks, and then lets himself fall into darkness.

The sun rises, maybe that's the most unexpected thing. Daylight comes, and Atsumu survives to see it. He stirs amongst the mess of blood and torn sheets, and his body aches. But he feels it, he's alive. He feels the sun on his skin, and the warmth next to him.

He feels drawn to it for a second, before that same fear from the night before ignites in his stomach and his eyes open, scrambling away from whatever it is as fast as he can. His body screams at the movement, and he can't get far, his back hits the wooden wall of their room.

The bed is so small the two of them can barely fit in it together. They haven't tried since they were kids... Back then it used to be a perfect fit, but now that they're adults his foot is still almost touching Osamu, even with his whole body backed into the corner.

Confusion dizzies him, and it shatters his mind as he tries to piece together what's in front of him... But there isn't much to misunderstand, is there? Osamu is covered in blood, around his mouth and his softened cock. The same blood that's dried all over Atsumu's body.

It's caked under Osamu's nails as he sleeps peacefully, looking gentle as ever despite it all. Even if the information is in front of him, Atsumu can't accept it. Osamu would never hurt him. He couldn't have torn up the bed like this, or Atsumu's body. It's impossible.

What attacked him was a monster, not his brother. Atsumu edges closer, brushing Osamu's hair out of his face to try to wake him. They have to clean themselves before someone sees. He can't let anyone think Osamu did something bad.

"Samu..." Atsumu says quietly, and his voice is just as destroyed as the rest of him. He hopes it doesn't scare Osamu, it looks worse than it feels, Atsumu thinks. He survived, and Osamu is here now. Everything is okay.

I'm going to end this here for now because I only meant it to be short, but those two are going to sneak down to the river to clean and Osamu is going to accept all of Atsumu's delusional coddling. That wolf will be back soon to make sure he left pups in his mates belly. 😌💜

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