dindi 🤸

dindi 🤸



nsfw but not sexy skts where atsumu tries giving kiyoomi a bj in the morning after their first time spending the night during a hookup and that’s how he finds out his fwb is definitely not a morning person and that he’s probably in love with his fwb

kiyoomi is not kind or gentle in the way he whispers warns in a sleepy voice, “do not touch my fucking penis before 11 AM” seemingly lifeless and unresponsive as he lies there with his eyes closed as atsumu gives the best and most affectionate head he’s EVER given.

what was he supposed to do? let glorious morning wood go unlicked?

so of course atsumu’s miffed and of course his ego is bruised and he pouts as he lets kiyoomi’s sleep shorts snap back into place and maybe he grabs a tissue and noisily spits into it before crawling back into bed with someone who is once again dead the world.

(no, he doesn’t let his heart explode when kiyoomi instinctively wraps his gangly limbs around him like a squid)

he doesn’t even fall back asleep. he silently stews for the next two hours but maybe gets distracted some ten minutes into his stewing and starts playing games on his phone for the rest of that time. maybe also steals glances at his unfortunately sexy sleeping bed partner.

(to see if he notices the pouting.) should he just leave? does kiyoomi even want him to stay until he wakes up? should he wait until 11? lol (kiyoomi doesn’t even stir.)

by 11, he’s no longer angry, but he is hungry and needs to pee and maybe a bit remorseful for jumping the gun a little bit. boundaries are boundaries and atsumu should respect— “omi!” he shouts because that’s definitely a finger circling his asshole.

“what the hell are ya doin?!” kiyoomi groans when his knuckle makes landfall— as if he’s the one getting finger fucked. and OOh boy the glorious noise goes straight to atsumu’s unloved cock. “morning,” kiyoomi whispers into his ear, sexy sleep voice cranked ALL the way up.

and if atsumu were less of a simp, he would point out that it is no longer morning. it’s 12 o clock and only psychopaths consider anything past noon ‘morning’. but as it stands, atsumu is a slut for kiyoomi’s cock; he keeps his mouth shut, even through the afternoon delight !

i lied. it’s a lil sexy 🥴😔🤌 bc i too would be a slut for kiyoomi’s morning voice

ignore plotholes pls it’s been literal moNTHs since i’ve done a thread 🤦🏻

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