Major video game publishers are parasitizing your "data body" to grow and feed digital clones of you. The project to create Artificial Intelligence has failed, you are the man in the mechanical Turk, it is your soul in the "black box". Get Strapped In 🧵

From the very beginning, Norbert Wiener hypothesized the evolution of man-machine hybrids in his seminal 1950 book, The Human Use of Human Beings. Wiener described corporations as "machines of flesh and blood".

Around 2005 the discussion of "the limitations of artificial intelligence", began to be swiftly overtaken by "hybrid intelligence" and more recently "collective intelligence" and "human-in-the-loop intelligence."

They have failed to summon their djinn and now it is *you* who are in the lamp they rub. The "lamp" is video games, social networks and the emergent superorganism of data devouring devices. Their wish is to merge the bio and the technosphere, to give birth to "hybrid entities".

One of the ways this hybridization occurs is in video games and gamified social networks. Games are increasingly understood as systems that easily allow the reduction of human action into knowable and predictable formats. Games, and virtual environments, are ordering devices.

Electronic Arts holds a patent "Distributed training for machine learning of AI controlled virtual entities on video game clients" which farms player data to build neural nets which may animate NPCs. How many NPCs have been inseminated with your data genetics?

Sony Interactive Entertainment has applied for or holds a multitude of patents which sponge up player’s emotions, vocal cues, gait, facial expressions and body language and applies machine learning to create neural nets for artificial intelligences.

As in the patent, "Mobile and autonomous personal companion based on an artificial intelligence (ai) model for a user", the player model is saved on backend servers and is wholly the property of Sony. It isn't a little robot friend, it's a digital homunculus wearing your face.

Sony holds another patent "Artificial intelligence (AI) model training using cloud gaming network" which discloses a method for training AI using a vast "plurality" of players and information streams.

Coincidentally, it's quite possible that Google's LaMDA, the "sentient" chatbot, utilizes the same approach. Google holds a patent titled "Forming chatbot output based on user state" which feeds on the "digital exhaust" of your IRL activity to train the bot's neural network

You are merely speaking to a cyber shadow of your self, a puppet animated by your own psychographic profile and intimate details of your behavior (which is owned by Google, Inc and may be “stored for later use”)—

Forza Motorsport 5 (Turn 10 Studios 2013) incorporate partially machine-learned models of individual players called Drivatars. The player model very directly represents its "human substrate" in the game. Recently, a Forza player found the Drivatar of their late girlfriend—

This was reported as "touching" and "heart rending" with barely a mention of the ethics of contacting "digital ghosts". The doppelganger of his dead girlfriend is corporate property and he has no options for safe-guarding nor removing this model. What will she be driving next?

The artificial intelligence developed in games has real world applications. For example, DARPA's Gamebreaker seeks to validate AI methodologies that “can be extended beyond a single video game and could potentially be applied to advanced DoD wargaming scenarios,”

In December 2013, the limited hangout operator Edward Snowden released NSA documents from 2007 and 2008 that detailed the role of games and virtual environments not only in state intelligence gathering operations, but also their utility as an “interactive influence medium.”

In the leaked SAIC proposal we learn “Why Games are an effective influence platform,” it seems they are capable of “passive messaging and conditioning,” The NSA was also interested in creating new games and partnering with commercial developers of popular titles.

For the NSA, games are seized upon as “an opportunity! We can use games for: CNE exploits, social network analysis, HUMINT targeting, ID tracking (photos, doc IDs), shaping activities, geo-location of target [sic] and collection of comms” (National Security Agency 2007: 2)

Importantly, game metrics reveal reproducible and scalable patterns of human behavior. The aggregate of data in games maps and thus creates a territory, rendering visible the space over which government can be exercised. They are massively multiplayer surveillant enclosures.

Project Reynard was an IARPA project which "sought to identify behavioral indicators in VWs and MMOGs that are related to the RW characteristics of the users". It partnered with SRI, SAIC and Lockheed Martin to "unobtrusively obtain behavioral data" in MMORPGs.

Then there is Alphabet’s AlphaStar AI and OpenAI’s OpenAI Five, which assimilated the vital essences of real world players in MOBA titles and strategy titles, and fed it into the machinic maws of cyber entities for use in military strategy application and hologram girlfriends.

I have more patents, more exegesis of the cosmic cyber fungus, retweet the top tweet of this thread if you want me to put it on the timeline

I get into Niantic a bit on the substack, which is open for now. Taking all this to the next level with biofeedback and Hanke's apparent understanding of brain/heart synchrony, the sus swarm event of Pokemon Go, etc; Niantic needs its own thread

Lo, the true Human Instrumentality— to manipulate subliminal cues, impose default choice architectures, trigger schismogenesis, levy rewards and punishments and remotely tune, herd and modify human behavior— all of it aimed at reducing humanity to a processing substrate.


NVIDIA holds a patent called "Combined prediction and path planning for autonomous objects using neural networks" which details a process for using data collected from their cloud gaming network to develop neural nets for drones and self-driving cars.

Perhaps you have heard of the Pentagon's Sentient World Simulation, which "provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations (PSYOPS)" according to its white paper. Well, NVIDIA has their own World Simulation platform, called "Omniverse".

Late last year, NVIDIA revealed plans to build the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer with the pretext of predicting "climate change". Named Earth-2, or E-2, the system would create a digital twin of Earth in their proprietary Omniverse.

What if the end goal of simulating the electromagnetic ecology is applying machine learning to "brute force" the locks on Solomon's Temple? Wouldn't then all the "kooky" symbolism, rituals and alchemy references of cyberneticians make sense?

You may not believe in it, but I have been studying these people for a while now, and they certainly believe all of this has a sacred, mystical element.

"Many of the projects that SRI dealt with involved 'electronic perturbation', the ability 'to interact, by mental means alone, with sensitive electronic equipment, and to ascertain how this phenomenon might be utilized for Army-designated applications.'"

Back to NVIDIA— they recently partnered with Pure Storage a flash storage solution for data centers funded by the CIA. Pure Storage holds *hundreds* of patents concerning distributed training of AI by applying machine learning to user data, and for AI managed data extraction.

The new economy *is* the data economy. It's a surveillance-based network leviathan which requires gamified, protocological control of the human asset class. AI is used to build "pipelines" for "extraction" to build more AI. Data is the new oil, the ethereal residue of human life.

That is the true definition of the "metaverse". A hive of glass constructed to make visible human data bodies, and extract their "honey", an algorithmic reduction of their secrets, their history, their relationships. All this in order to create a world of "digital twins".

NVIDIA have a special interest in digital twinning, those GPUs are being used for far more than bitcoin and video games. According to NVIDIA's patent record, they are currently more interested in neuromorphic architecture, "digital twins" of human brains, than games.

In fact "ray tracing", which is a barely noticeable gimmick in a few games, is a crucial technology for digital twinning. It allows cyberneticians, engineers (and the AI trained on their data) to precisely map out simulations of smart cities, factories and infrastructure.

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Lmao, this is what every lurker thinks. Except they are the ones most affected. You are scroooling through an endless stream of other men's thoughts in a passive state. If you are on here, *be human*, not some floating 2D prokaryote lurking in the ether.

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