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We launched a new eCom brand and it did $219k USD in the first 49 days on a PRE-ORDER... Here's what we did and how you can copy the same strategy for your own brand whether it's a new brand or a new product launch for your existing brand. THREAD🧡

1. The Plan Similar products gave confidence of product-market fit Our goal: Keep production costs lean and validate the product through a large pre-order We cut the launch into 3 main stages: - Build Hype - Allow VIP access for Pre-order 1 - Launch Pre-orders 2 & 3

Stage 1: Build Hype No one knew anything about the brand, so we shot a ton of very compelling content. Ran FB and IG ads to a locked-up website that collected Names, emails, and SMS.

The follow-up: A Klaviyo flow that thanked them, told them they are a part of the VIP access, educated them on why they need the product/how it will benefit them. Then told them to stay tuned. With a CTA to a Google Calendar notification bell available to VIP ONLY. (more hype)

Stage 2: Early VIP access All subscribers who signed up to VIP got notified first with the most compelling offer, which was 50% OFF of what the retail price would be soon. It worked well & didn't need to be over complicated. "Only 100 units sold at this price, then it's gone"

This is a higher-ticket item, so the savings were significant, we also used that they will be the first people to have the product. Price isn't the only thing here that made people take action, human nature loves to be first and that exclusivity layer being the "only one" works

Stage 3: Launch Pre-order 2 then pre-order 3 after. Anyone who bought we hit them again only the messaging was different "buy for friends/fam" People who didn't buy but signed up got hit again saying. Pre-order 1 sold out fast, don't miss pre-order 2 and displayed the offer.

After that message went out. We then took the best-performing ad from our lead gen campaign and made 20 variations of that ad. We then launched Purchase conversion ads with messaging saying Pre-order 1 sold out, don't miss pre-order 2 with the offer and quantity available.

Then we did the same thing for Pre-order 3 that we did for Pre-order 2. Pre-order 3 had less savings than Pre-order 1 and 2. Slowly increasing the price. Staying true to what you're advertising is key.

To mitigate any customer issues on pre-orders, make sure you are very clear when they get to the PDP or lander they know exactly what they are getting and when they will get it. Then make sure on the manufacturing end that you can live up to the expectations you created.

Also, within those 45 days. We sent a ton of email and SMS content that was educational and a value add to the subscriber and to stoke the fire. We also took any FAQs that came up by customers, added them into campaigns to educate on both FB, IG, Email, and SMS.

Pre-orders can be incredible for new brands or brands looking to launch a new product if cash flow is an issue. Just need to be sure product quality is great and your production can handle it.

We had around 25 returns on the $219k which was people who asked for returns as we didn't have a Christmas arrival guarantee, which looking back... I would have wanted to time it better to guarantee Christmas delivery.

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