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How I get more done in a 5-hour day than most do in a 50-hour week. And how you can too:

Step 1 - Plan What you do is 1000x more important than how much you do That’s why we make a plan: • Brain dump all your tasks • Identify the most important thing • Schedule it first

Step 2 - Deep Work (4 hours) Spend 4 hours a day doing cognitively demanding, needle-moving tasks This work should either: • Help you make more money • Help you gain leverage • Move you toward your goals

Step 3 - Prioritize Focus Every hour counts if you want to work just 5 hours a day. This means: • No interruptions • No distractions • No multitasking

Step 4 - Maintenance (1 hour) We all need time for low-impact work. This is when you: • Batch check messages (email, DMs) • Respond to clients • Delegate to team • Admin tasks

Step 5 - Unplug When you work long hours, the next day suffers. You always pay for it with a loss of focus. When you’re done, unplug and rest so that you can recover fully for tomorrow.

Remember: The 5-Hour Day isn’t easy. You have to: • Work on what matters • Create systems • Delegate • Focus • Plan • Rest But it’s worth it.

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