Nika🖤 • New skts thread posted! 🫶🏼

Nika🖤 • New skts thread posted! 🫶🏼



//Omegaverse / Mpreg / fluff! //#sakuatsu #skts Two lines. Two tiny, little lines. He’s pregnant. Atsumu stands in front of the sink, in his and Kiyo’s shared bathroom, staring down at the test in his hands. With a pup- pups? /Kiyo’s/ pup. Holy shit. He’s /pregnant/. +

His hands shake as he puts the test down into the counter, gripping the cold marble and looking up to meet his own eyes in the mirror. He takes a moment to process before he rushes out of the room to search for his phone. +

He pulls up Kiyo’s ID immediately and raises it to his ear. He picks up on the second ring. “Atsu? Are you alright, you never call when i’m with Motoya.” He sounds slightly concerned. “Kiyo…” Atsumu whispers into the receiver, heartbeat so loud he can hear it in his ears.+

Kiyo’s own heart speeds up a little, nervous as to why his mate is calling. “Atsu, you’re scaring me a little, is everything alright?” “I- ya need ta come home.” Atsumu cant calm himself long enough to gather his thoughts, to assure Kiyoomi that everything is fine. +

More than fine. “What’s wrong?” He’s starting to sounds frantic now, no doubt Motoya looking at him with questions in his eyes. “Home. Please, I need ta tell ya somethin’ and I can’t tell ya over tha phone. Please, Kiyo.” Atsumu covers his mouth with his free hand, +

trying to process his mix of emotions. He’s ecstatic. Absolutely fucking /elated/. Hes not sure how Kiyoomi is going to react but he can barely contain the thundering of his heart and the smile spreading across his face. +

“Okay. Okay, baby, I’m coming home right now. I’ll be there soon.” Atsumu can hear rusting in the background and a few murmurs, presumably saying his goodbyes. “Okay…” Atsumu whispers back, ending the call. He doesn’t realize he’s crying until he feels a tear slip into his +

mouth, the salty taste slightly startling him out of his daze. He makes his way to the couch with slow, shaky steps and takes a seat. he brings his hands down to his stomach, tears falling freely. Atsumu can feel his eyes getting swollen, cheeks running hot and +

probably splotchy. “Hey puppy.” He mumbles to his stomach, smiling softly through his tears. —— Kiyoomi’s heart is racing by the time he gets to their front door. He’s pretty sure they’re gonna get a few speeding tickets in the mail tomorrow, but can you blame him? +

He was terrified that something had happened to the man he loves. He nearly drops his keys, fumbling them in his fingers while he tries to unlock the door. He finally gets it and swings it open in his haste. “Atsu?” He calls into the apartment. “Baby? Atsu, where are you?”+

He hears a muffled reply from the living room, past the entrance hallway. He shocks off his shoes and makes his way around the corner. “Hey sweetheart, what’s up?” He sinks down into the seat next to his mate, immediately bringing his hands to Atsumu’s face to +

wipe the tears from his cheeks. “Kiyo…” Atsumu whispers; Kiyoomi’s heartbeat quickens ever so slightly, afraid of what he doesn’t know. Kiyoomi has never been good with this stuff - emotions. He’s struggled to communicate in the past, leading to a painful attempts to +

court atsumu. “I’m here, Atsu. I need you to talk to me baby, what’s happened?” He hates how his voice shakes. “Are you okay?” “Fuck.” Atsumu gets out through a sob. “I’m more than alright, Omi.” He looks up at Kiyoomi though his lashes, and the tension in Kiyoomi’s heart +

eases at his words. Atsumu takes Kiyoomi’s hand in his and the squeeze is back; it’s a good squeeze, he trusts Atsumu with his whole being. “I need ta tell ya somethin, and I don’t know how you’ll feel ‘bout it. Hopefully the same as I do but ya know, ya /never/ know, and i-”

Atsumu’s rambling now, and Kiyoomi butts in before he can send himself into a spiral. “Atsumu,” Kiyoomi reaches up to his face with one hand, the other remaining in Atsumu’s clutched fingers. “whatever it is, sweetheart, I’m here. Always.” Atsumu takes in a deep breath, +

heart hammering but his body relaxing slightly. “Okay.” He whispers. There’s another moment of hesitation before Atsumu takes the plunge. “I’m pregnant, Omi.” +

It seems as if everything stops. The whole world quiets, nothing exists outside of their little bubble as Kiyoomi takes in his words. A milllion things run through his head but…his mind is also completely calm, silent. “What?” it comes out almost inaudible, Atsumu almost +

misses it. “I’m carrying your pups, Omi.” Kiyoomi had never believed when people spoke about seeing a sparkle in their loved ones eyes. He had never seen it for himself, so it couldn’t be true. He had never believed it until he met Atsumu. +

It was almost as of his world was turned on it’s head the first time Atsumu said he loved him, he saw that’s sparkle that he had soon become so familiar with. He can see that same sparkle now - as he tells Kiyoomi that he’s carrying his pups. +

“You’re…” Kiyoomi cant even ge the words out. They’re stuck in his throat, blocked by the flood of emotions threatening to drown him. “Pregnant with yer pups, Kiyo. Could be pup, but twins run in the family y’know.” Atsumu seems to have found his way out of his own reverie. +

It’s almost like he found the door that lead out, grabbed Kiyoomi by the shirt and pushed /him/ in instead. Kiyoomi’s brain is as good as gone. He can’t even comprehend anything other than the words /pregnant/ and /pups/. And then it hits him. It hits him so hard, +

it punches a loud, breathy laugh out of him. His face suddenly lights up, as the words sink in. “You’re pregnant.” He says with bubbly laughter accompanying the words. “Yeah, Kiyo, I am.” Kiyoomi wraps his arms around Atsumu’s waist as he stands, bringing him with him. +

He lifts him from the ground and spins them all while laughing and trying to force words out of his throat. “You’re /pregnant/. You’re fucking PREGNANT!” He shouts, and Atsumu laughs along with him. Their voices mix together, creating a symphony so loud and happy that it +

drowns out everything else. Kiyoomi places atsumu back down, stabilizing him. He places his hands on Atsumu’s cheeks, once again wiping the fallen tears, but this time there’s no doubt the same tears are streaming down his own. +

He’s never felt so alive, not since he met Atsumu and had thought that his life couldn’t get better, couldn’t be any brighter. Yet here he is, feeing and seeing everything get so much brighter. He would be worried it would bling him if he cared about anything past Atsumu +

and the life he now carries in his stomach. “We’re going to have a baby.” He whispers, one more time for good measure. Just to make sure. “Yeah, we are.” Atsumu whispers back, touching his forehead to Kiyoomi’s, reveling in their shared happiness. +

Neither of them thought they could ever want for anything so long as they had each other, but they’re ready to welcome anything into their circle. To care for them and love them unconditionally, to nurture them and allow them to love the life they wanted. +

They could never want for anything, so long as they had their little family.

// fin i’ve been trying to finish this for almost two months and i think i’m finally happy w it 🤧🫶🏼

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