Lily Simpson is Emotionally Dead like Twltter

Lily Simpson is Emotionally Dead like Twltter



another thing I cannot figure out about Harry Potter is what the overarching thematic plot of the Weasleys poverty is. Like beyond being relevant to concluding or inciting a few narrative moments, what is the actual endgame of it except "don't think about it too much"

like okay Ron has to deal with a broken wand all of the second book/film, establishing how they are too poor to fix it or replace it but then the broken wand helps them beat Gilderoy Lockhart by coincidence and.... thats it. Thats the whole thing. No further development on that.

is it that poverty makes people better and kinder? well no because Harry is rich and good, Hermione is rich and good, Werewolves are incredibly poor and side with voldemort. Wealth is not shown as this dividing element so that cant be it either.

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