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If you were wondering why leftists are so invested in a self defense trial, this guy will spell it out. They don't see it as a trial about a young man's defense of himself, but rather as being about white resistance to "transition of political hegemony" to "multiracial majority"

The invocation of John Brown is no coincidence. In current leftist discourse, Brown has supplanted previous nonviolent archetypes for "the good white" like Atticus Finch, and is heralded for his eagerness to shed white blood and for his willingness to sacrifice his own life.

If the idea of sacrificing your life, body and blood, for 'saving' blacks sounds more than a little bit like a perverse inversion of dying on the cross, I don't think you'd be wrong to make that connection So he says Kyle is the "evil" version of that, doing it for "apartheid"

When you see these lamentations and objections, this is what they're about. They want him punished and used as an example for what should happen to people who resist "transition of political hegemony away from white people to a multiracial majority" - to them this is what he did.

The judge, in particular, as a target of scorn is indicative of how they treat everything to the right of Stokely Carmichael as being reactionary. The judge is essentially only upholding traditional Anglo-American legal and civic norms - to them these norms are a major enemy!

"White replacement is a right-wing conspiracy theory, but you definitely should go to jail for resisting it and it's deeply disturbing for our country if you don't go to jail for that"

This trial has two things the left viscerally hates. One is someone they see as a white male (this is important, he doesn't need to BE white, like Zimmerman, just seen as politically aligned with whiteness) who is not only willing but able to defend against left-wing violence

The other thing they hate is the Anglo-American legal system and its related norms, the last remnants of which still sometimes make it difficult and/or costly for the left to force the outcomes it wants

This is a thinly veiled attack on that system, using the justification of assumed white malfeasance - ie, it fits into the new norms that are desired

Remember that a sitting Congresswoman tweeted this. Is still in Congress too

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