1. Basic household repair. 2. How to buy a dress. Fit, fabric, texture, patterns. 3. Improve posture.

4. Know your body measurement. 5. Communicate what you want to barber. 6. Give a good massage.

7. Read body language. 8. Drive car and bike. 9. Throw a punch.

10. Squat, dead lift, bench press properly. 11. How to spot fake news. 12. Stand up for others.

13. Take a good photo. 14. Give a speech. 15. Make a small talk.

16. Read books. 17. Tell a joke. 18. Money management.

19. Better with women. 20. Play a music instrument. 21. The art of conversation.

22. Interact with children. 23. Keeping fit. 24. Plan a date or tour.

25. Get service at a bar or hotel. 26. Plant a garden. 27. Improve voice.

28. Give advice that matters in one sentence. 29. Tell if someone is lying. 30. Name a book that matters.

31. Swimming. 32. Speak a foreign language. 33. Approach a woman out of your league.

34. Be loyal. 35. Recite one poem from memory. 36. Tell a woman's dress size.

37. Write a thank you note. 38. Be brand loyal to atleast one product. 39. Know your heroes well.

40. Tie a knot. 41. Negotiate better price. 42. Be informed.

43. Dress for the occasion. 44. Be known for finishing. 45. Invest in your style.

46. Learn a manual skill. 47. Learn how to fight. 48. Learn to play chess.

49. Learn situational awareness. 50. Learn to tell interesting stories. 51. Learn to maintain privacy online.

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