Absolutely right.. Christianity has only ever stolen from Pagan faiths. Even the traditions of Christmas, Halloween & Easter are all Pagan "Christmas" is actually Yule, winter solstice festival of the german pagans The "12 days of christmas" song comes from 12 days of Wotan

Here, Lucan the Roman Poet (39-65 CE) describes the event. The "Santa Claus" in the night who is St. Nicholas was Wotan/Wodin who would ride on a white horse during the 12 days of Yule.

The image of the traditional fireplace christmas-side comes from the reminiscent of the Yule log being burnt during the winter solstice.

The tall-long coniferous christmas trees are ironic, considering the christian church hated the fir trees as a heathen tradition and banned cutting them with fines applicable. Only in the 18th century was this relaxed.

Just to conclude on another note, even "Easter" itself is a Pagan fertility spring festival that was copied into Christianity. The name Easter literally comes from *austron–– the germanic goddess of dawn and fertility. (compare our own vedic उषस्)

compare our vedic goddess of the dawn उषस् with *austron & aurōra

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