Alex β€’ Copywriting Dad.

Alex β€’ Copywriting Dad.



Give me 2 minutes and I'll show you how to get more done in 4 hours than 97% of people do in 4 weeks...

1. Start your day early Fix your schedule to wake up at 5 AM This'll help you key in 3 hours to day Adopt a morning routine that’ll keep you motivated during the day β€’ Set a timer β€’ Drink a litre of water β€’ Have a morning walk β€’ Read a book you've planned

2. Interrupt distractions as they occur Before you settle for any focused work, modify your environment Do this; β€’ Set timer before undertaking tasks β€’ Turn off notifications β€’ Focus on a single task This'll scale your productivity 2x better

3. Work during your peak hour. Identify when and what get you energized. During your peak hour; β€’ Tackle the hardest task. β€’ Improve the work system Work on improving the efficiency on undertaking your tasks.

4. Plan before. Spend 20 minutes in your evening to make a list of 3 most important tasks. Do this; β€’ Pick a pen and a paper β€’ Write down all activities to undertake β€’ Cancel out the most important to be left with 3+ Have your plan run in 1 day, 100 days and 1000 days.

5. Write a daily to-do-list Make your to do list short and actionable Make it; β€’ More specific β€’ Have a sense of urgency β€’ Simplified with digestible tasks A to-do list act as a roadmap to task completion.

6. Avoid multitasking Focus your attention on one goal at a time. This helps you; β€’ Get less overwhelmed β€’ Boost your productivity Energy flow where is directed.

7. Learn how to build flow state Finish minute tasks How to create flow state; β€’ Pick a task β€’ Set a timer(50 minutes) β€’ Aim at short term target β€’ Get rid of distractions β€’ Take 10 minutes break β€’ Repeat until you finish the task

8. Set deadline You work 5x faster with deadlines. If you set a deadline for 4 hours, it'll get done in 4 hours. Do this; β€’ Know what you want to achieve β€’ Get what you need β€’ Set aside time Deadlines help you measure outcome and improve your systems.

9. Learn how to boost your mood When you feel overwhelmed, do activities to cheer you up Do this; β€’ Take a cold/warm lavender shower β€’ Prepare a cup of coffee/green tea β€’ Take breaks and regular walks β€’ Free dance to your favourite song What gets you in the mood?

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