Gael Varoquaux

Gael Varoquaux



I make about 3200€ net / month (2760€ after tax) + yearly bonus ~ 6000€ (correcting previous tweet). I'm a research director (tenured prof equivalent), 13 years after PhD, with (I think) a good track record. Why I think that my salary is not too low👇

First, 80% of the French workers earns less than I do. So, I am, all in all privileged (we typically get these numbers wrong, so a reality check is useful) 2/3

Second, I do not see this as a deprivation: even merit should not justify very high salaries, I have a good quality of life, and I value the absence of conflicts of interests (more below)

For completion of information on twitter, I note that I have deleted a previous tweet that was misleading, citing my salary after tax (my mistake). Sorry for breaking threads 😬. I did not want to leave false information on Internet.

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