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High-converting lead generation landing page for high ticket services: headline subheading VSL CTA ———————————— social proof 𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥…

benefits with icons more social proof 3-5 step process broken down what’s included CTA basic about me social proof FAQ final CTA

This page WILL perform well but… You need to make sure you’re using the elements listed above properly. Here are some guidelines to follow:

1) Headline and Subheading For service based business I like using this headline template… Headline: unique promise Subhead: “without {common fix}!” An example: “Increase your conversion rate by 50% within 30 days or get your money back!” “Without touching your landing page!”

Another template that my man @StevenTrister uses… Subhead: call out target Headline: unique promise An example: “Agency Owners: I will write, film & edit a bespoke video sales letter for you” “Increase Your Booked Sales Call Rate By 100% In Just 30 Days With Your Ideal Clients”

2) Social Proof Can be in the form of: • direct quotes • tangible results • video testimonials • companies you worked with Always bold the most important line/section in the quote. Or… Pull the most powerful line from the video and put it under the testimonial.

3) CTA Your CTA should be something like “book a clarity call” On the page say: • you need a call because you have different packages and want to determine needs • what happens after they book • that you’ll point them in the right direction whether you work together or not

4) Benefits with Icons Don’t overcomplicate this… Just think about 3-5 main problems your offer solves and turn them into benefits. Shouldn’t be longer than a sentence or two for each. Then just add a fun icon above each to pique interest.

5) Step-by-step Process Now that you’ve told them you can solve their problems… how exactly do you do it? Write out the 3-5 steps you take to bring them from Point A to Point B. The simpler the better. 1-3 sentences max for each.

6) What’s Included Next objection: “Okay so you’re solving X for me by doing Y… but what else is included?” Have a section where you layout all the other little (or big) bonuses and extras that you include with your services. This is your time to stand out from competition.

7) About Me For colder traffic I like adding in a short bio about the company/owner. It makes things more personal and helps people to connect better. 5-8 sentences that shows: • character • personality • authority/credibility • genuine will to help

8) FAQ Over time you’ll get a laundry list of questions that people ask you. First off… Make sure you keep track of what people ask. Second… Add these questions to your FAQ so you can answer them before the call. I try not to add more than 8 questions. Use a dropdown FAQ.

9) Final CTA Here you’ll want to do two things: • take into account what I said earlier about the “booking a call” • add urgency Urgency should be in the form of: • “we only work with X clients each month” • “we have 2 spots left for client work this month” Continued…

• “the longer you wait to fix your landing page… the more sales you’re missing out on!” Show them that by not solving this problem… they’re creating other ones. At the end of the day this is made to help! Getting them on a call and talking through their problems is vital.

This page format has worked time and time again. If you need help building it out… DM me and we could pump it out within 14 days. Wishing you the best of luck 🥂

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