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The most important piece of advice for if you download a suspicious file from Discord is this: if you get suddenly logged out of your Discord, *do not log back in.* Disconnect your computer from the internet and change your password from another device.

The way the new wave of stealers work is that they wait for you to log in and tap the network requests your client makes when you do so. While they may already have your token, *logging in gives them everything.*

Also when I say "disconnect your computer from the internet" I mean you should be scrambling for that ethernet cable/power button/wifi menu. Be quick, or be lost forever.

What you change your password to doesn't matter, just make sure you're fast about it the first time, because it also invalidates the session token and denies them further access to your account. After you do this, *your computer will still be infected.*

You need to uninstall Discord, check for any suspicious executables still running (possibly restart your computer), delete the %LOCALAPPDATA%/Discord folder, then reinstall. It may be prudent to upload the executable that infected you to VirusTotal or some other service.

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