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G1 knew it was only a game, but it still hurt to see yvn choosing other person as his best friend. All of them choose the one that they always claimed to be their closest friend, but he was the only one that wasn't reciprocated. It wouldn't hurt as much if he didn't see yvn as

his favourite person and the one who would give him the whole moon and stars if he asked him to. Yvn seemed flustered when he asked why but he didn't actually want to know. Not when Yvn had been so evasive those last months. The rest of the recording went smooth and

G1 managed to have fun, smiling at everyone when they made him laugh, but the thought that for Yvn he only was a simple friend lingered in his mind. When they finished, the ride back at home was silent because everyone wanted to rest and it gave M1n to think about everything.

It wasn't the first time Yvn did something like this, and he started to think that maybe he was bothering him with his clingy self. He couldn't help but think those months he was away, yvn grew tired of him for always looking for him to keep part of himself steady.

His heart ache a little but at least he would just accept it. When they arrived home, Y3x latched himself to his arm, claiming that he didn't want to be with Hx and Wxx because they said they were going to play something. M1n laughed at how Y3x clinged to him and both decided to

go to G1's room, Jxxng decided that he wanted to be with them too, claiming a spot in G1's bed. M1n being distracted didn't notice that Yvn tried to tell him something, and that he stood in silence watching them go to the younger's room.

The next weeks went as normally as usually they would, but with the tiny detail that M1n was giving space to Yvn, making Yvn feel worried, thinking that G1 was again upset with him. "M1n, can I talk to you?" He muttered when the other was eating. "Hmmm, but quick,

I'm going to the stvd1o now." M1n smiled bright, making Yvn's heart clench. "Are you upset with me, for not choosing you?" Yvn asked waiting for G1 to nag him again as the they he made a l1ve with Wxx. "No," G1 looked at him serious. "I just realised that maybe you're

right. We have drift away in the past months and I may have been a little too exaggerated trying to make what we had to come back." G1 smiled as if it hurt. "I care about you deeply, but we're not what we used to and it's normal, it's life, so you can choose whoever you want."

G1 got up putting his plate on the sink to then clean it. When he left the door he muttered. "I still love you, and care about you, tho. Is just it's time to let you go, a relationship, even if it's a friendship, can't be unilateral and that's what I felt it become." And with

that G1 left Yvn with a heavy heart. On the other side, Yvn didn't realised that he was crying. He would have preferred that G1 nagged him as he always did and not that he decided it was over. It pained him deeply knowing that he was the first one who drifted away

and hurt G1. It was always the other fighting for them both, but it was the end, M1n grew tired of it and probably wounded. He felt arms surrounding him and for a moment he thought that maybe G1 was back, but when he opened his eyes, he found Sxn looking worriedly at him.

He nuzzled his head on the other's neck and sobbed loudly, it always been YvnG1, but now... they only were Yvn and G1.

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