Jacob Espinoza

Jacob Espinoza



27 sentences every leader should read:

You lose your team when you become oblivious to what it is like to work for you.

Comfort and uncertainty are motivation killers.

Trust is a combination of character and competence.

Leadership in 5 words: A clear, well-communicated vision.

The truth about leadership is you will improve with practice, but practice will never make perfect.

Leadership can be learned. Difficult decisions become effortless over time.

You are either approachable or oblivious. Choose wisely.

Never have a meeting without a purpose.

Every meeting needs an Agenda. Every agenda needs to be sent out in advance. Give people time to prepare!

Great leaders know how to keep meetings on schedule and make decisions when it is time.

Nobody owes you anything.

Your team is perfectly designed for the results they are getting.

What you hear is more valuable than what you say.

You aren't delegating enough.

Nothing will ever be enough, do your best with what you have.

The stories we tell about ourselves end up coming true.

You can only bring the best out of people when you take time to recognize their value.

There are two places we can choose to focus your energy: 1. Things in your control 2. Things out of your control Choose wisely.

Leadership is the art of acknowledging the pain and finding a path forward.

People will support the things they help create. Empower your people.

Great leaders have a way of bringing out the best in others and encouraging growth through mistakes.

Impact players know how to stand up when it's time. While the majority of the world sits around and waits for something to happen, Impact Players have the courage to dive into chaos and make positive things happen for their team.

Nobody is inspired by taking orders.

You don't hear trees grow. You see the results.

You will be at your best when you take the time to understand yourself and what you need to be at your best.

Assuming the best intentions is the best way to avoid unnecessary conflict.

When things seem simple, people will work harder. Complexity kills momentum.

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