Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein



Organized civil disobedience is the correct next response to the prolonged, indefinite and deliberate abuse of exotic emergency powers inconsistent with being a free people in our own country. I don’t want to go there, but it is time.

We are going to have to get CCP influence out of our country. We are going to have to get Fauci and Daszak to explain what we were doing in Wuhan. We are going to have to drive Pfizer out of news sponsorship. We are going to have to extend freedom of speech to digital speech.

We are going to need algorithmic transparency from Twitter through regulation. We are going to need to rein in the Feds ability to print its way into crushing the working class through seignorage and blowing out income inequality for holders of risk assets.

We are going to need to scale back our military obligations so we can actually be counted upon by our partners. We are going to need to prohibit the Whitehouse from attempting to label those who raise the president’s cognitive decline as “Purveyors of misinformation.”

We are going to need hearings on the intelligence community and it’s relationship to pedophiles like Jeff Epstein endangering our children. We are going to need the receipts and federal securities filings from his likely non-existent hedge fund. We need student debt forgiveness.

We are going to need to love Gen Z and the Millenials harder so that they have the economic wherewithal to raise their children. We are going to need to retire people in positions of power who have held power for decades into states incompatible with the demands of their offices.

We are going to have to liberate our scientists with full academic freedom and wealth so they can level with us. We are going to have to push for what “Build back better” and “Great Reset” actually mean to the Stepford leaders who repeat it as mantra.

We’re going to have to release Twitter activists from the protections we established for journalists who obey the SPJ code of ethics in trying to report news as news rather than opinion… or worse. We are going to have to face this climate crisis without strongarming consensus.

We are going to need nearly FULL transparency on repeated hypersonic invasion of our military airspace by unknown actors with data given to physicists. We are going to need to know what quiet deal we had with the Taliban and ISI around the absurd Afghanistan pullout by US forces.

We are going to have to take back our research universities so that they can do research. We need to severely limit the number of administrators and adjunct/student workers and costly journals and debt financing for educations. We need student debt to be discharged in bankruptcy.

We’re going to need to stop CPI-U from being manipulated as a closet way of raising our taxes & slashing our benefits while pretending to simply calculate inflation. We need to review our trade agreements in light of revelations that they were always known to be Social Darwinist.


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