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How do you heal brain damage from years of substance or porn abuse? If you've ever been hooked on something or know someone who is, pay close attention. This thread has more value than a $999 course Let me teach you .. ๐Ÿงต

People falsely believe addictions are the end zone - old habits die hard. WRONG. Scientifically this is untrue - The human brain is a magnificent organ capable of a myriad of things. One of its key strengths is to rewire and heal itself.. given time and right environment

Neuroplasticity is your brain's ability to change itself according to the stimulus it recieves Stimulus could be - what you do or how you feel, bc of what you do Anything that is repeated over and over forming a pattern over time Alters your brain

Let me put it very simply, The habits you repeatedly indulge in wire your brain to function a certain way. This is to conserve mental energy and make it easier to do things you always do. When this idea is clear to you, you can reverse engineer this to work for you

Remember this, All of life's beauty stems from the human mind. Creation, nurturing, innovation - all of them. Corrupting this pinnacle of technology with toxicity is a self decaying process. You should be ashamed.. However,

However all hope is not lost. You train vigorously to perfect your body Likewise you can train your mind and reshape it into something that will elevate your life significantly All it takes is to change the stimulus you feed it with From what it consumes, it creates.

Keep in mind a one size fits all approach will not work here. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit - FALSE People learn and unlearn at varied speeds. Before you begin, understand that you will need patience. You are going to unlearn years of mental programming.

The healing and regeneration happens in 5 stages : 1) Cellular reshaping 2) Neuro stimulation 3) Modulation 4) Relaxation 5) Differentiation & Learning I'll briefly walk you through them now..

1) Your neurons are constantly firing when you're an addict. When you stop, reshaping takes place at cellular level to bring you back to baseline. This is automatic, you don't do anything here. This is the brains first aid. 2) Light, sound and movement is used to stimulate..

.. and activate neurons. Dormant neural circuits are given new life. Healing begins here. You can help with exercise and reading ( to create new thought patterns & neural pathways ) 3) When your neurons are hyper active you are always in a state of hyper anxiety.. noisy

.. this has to be turned off to sleep better, conserve energy and grow. Your mitochondria (brains powerhouse) is energized. This is again involuntary. 4) Once the noise is silenced, the brain uses the surplus energy for healing. Also..

The Cerebral spinal fluid carries out toxins from the glia when you sleep. Remember, Lack of sleep leads to toxic buildup. Makes you groggy. You can aid this phase of healing by making every effort you can to sleep better. Read this, it will help

5) Your rested quiet brain is now ready for rewiring and learning Several brain exercises exist to train your brain at this stage. Google. All these phases are required to fully utilize neuroplasticity to its potential. This was theory, How do I put this into use? Read on..

Your brain at this moment, is shaped by all your habits, thoughts, experiences and emotions. To rewire you need to break away from negative habit loops. Replace them with new better ones and then Create new neural pathways with repetition.

The first thing you need to do is be uncomfortable Shake your brain awake - it's been passive for far too long. Find and involve in activities that you haven't partaken in before. This is to condition your brain into accepting changes. This helps

Once you've unlearned and shaken off the dirt, you refine and sharpen Get out of your comfort zone and do hard things. This will vastly speed up the process. Do difficult things, challenge your mind. Make it work. This will be your guide,

New activities increase the number of pathways built. These neural pathways get stronger over time. Remember what this exercise means, A new brain means a new you. New thinking, new level of existence. You now have a full blueprint Stop fucking around Get to work

If you truly seek transformation and awakening, to burn away your addictions, build better habits and systems, explore your full potential, become your elite self - apply to work with me ( Paid coaching ) I will interview and only accept 5 clients

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