It was 2oo2, we were in school, Gujarat. Landline call aaya, principal ne bola ki kuch hua hai. Tab kaafi kam time tha parents ko communicate karne ke liye. Saare baccho ko ghar jaane ke liye bol diya. But baad me pata chala ki main road se 1000+ ki bheed aa rahi hai humey maarne

Back route liya. We had no one. We were primary students, kya karte, kuch samjh nahi aa raha tha. Back route se 8ft wall kaise bhi kar ke sab ne ek dusre ki help kar ke kud li. We were safe. Our parents were crying. We just saw our death just a few meters away from us that day.

Demography me 70% Hs the, tab bhi area mini-pakistan ke naam se infamous tha. Unki majority wale area me raat ko acid ki bottles aur petrol bombs phenke gaye. Raat ko hi kai saare Hs city se migrate kar gaye darr ke maare. Next day saamne wale apartment me ek Bengali banda

60+ speed main road se aata, jalti hui car le kar.His LIC office was in M majority area. Someone put fire his car. Had he jumped out of his car, he would not have been alive today. Imagine the conditions when would you chose to drive a burning car instead of finding a safe place?

We visited his house. Her wife and her daughter were crying. He called his parents that he's returning to WB, almost 2000+KM, and never coming back right then.

My father had a colleague named Mr. Prajapati, who used to live in M area. He had good relations with them. My father warned him many times to stay away from them. He used to say " Saare ek jaise nahi hote ". He had M neighbour who owned garments shop.

When there were riots, that colleague thought ki this is my neighbor's shop and it's open. He will protect me, wo to dost hai.He hides in that shop, his neighbor was already there, with 'Khanjar', sIashed his throat, died. Now, go n ask his family, saare ek jaise hote hai ya nahi

They used to hide in hijabs when curfew was left and then with Khanjar, they attacked many of H women. Their tactics were always surprising. Their women supported well them in that cause.

During kurfew, there was a special occasion for Hs of Gauri Parvati Vrat aka 'Gauro' in local language. Festive season and fair lagta hai, kaafi public aati hai, mostly unmarried girls. Govt. lifted 144 for few days.Those bstrd guys used to come in mass and try to harass girls

They usually got their orders and planning on Friday and you know that from where, openly in Arabic so that none of H would find it out. Ever found we used mandir for that cause? Do our religion permit it?

Before 2oo2 we too used to live in a rented house, area was M majority. My father used to walk kilometers for buying vegetables and fruits everyday, people used to make fun of him ki kya 4 5 kms roj chal kar sabji lene jaate ho. My father was right about them.

after years, we did Ganesh sthapan for Chaturthi in our college, 90% M area And also there was occasion of Bakri Eid or Eid on those days.Those pigs used to spit at our lord at the gate, abuse our gods, throw stones at idol, they were between 10 to 18 years old. Bacche hi to hai.

Those who says I don't believe you or I'm secular, send your daughter in Ms majority area, not even at night, on daytime. If he agrees, then he's a true secular first, father of her daughter comes second. That guy and her girl deserves a bravery award and respect.

Ya jo bolte hai ki Terror has no religion un se puchna ki why terrorists target only one particular religion's places in India? Why do they hate cows? Cool banane ke chakkar me kaafi hindus bhi 'Gaumutra slangs ya jibes' use karte hai. Only a terrorist will use them.

Unko appease karne ke chakkar me apna dharam bhul rahe hai Usne kabhi defame kiya ki nahi mere religion me aisa hai? Never,You're hindu with a glorious past. You should be proud of it. You should be thankful 2mother for giving birth in this great religion, your gotra, your caste.

Aaj kal ke paida hue bacche jab ye bolte hai ki hindutva se khatra hai, saffron terrorism, modi fascist hai, tab lagta hai ki bhagwan na kare but if only they would be in conditions what we did feel or our parents saw, tab unka farzi secularism pura nikal jaayega.

Jo aaj Ahmedabad ka video aaya hai, wo to 1% bhi nahi hai jo uss din hua. Time mile to kisi Amdawadi se puch lena ki uss din hua kya tha, why Babu Bajrangi used these words (In pic) and why Modi means a lot to Gujarat. Baaki to aap sab samjhdaar hi hai. 👍

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