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Plato once said: “Those who tell stories rule society”. And if you want to be a powerful storyteller, there’re only 7 story structures you need to know. Here’s a full breakdown (with THE most famous examples):

Story #1: Overcoming the Monster This is the classic underdog tale of good vs evil. The hero needs great courage to win. The stakes are high. The monster a massive threat. Why it works: We're ruled by psychological triggers. 'Us vs them' is one of the most powerful.

Story #2: Rags to Riches This is the classic American dream. You start at the bottom, overcome challenges and self-doubt, and finish at the top. Why it works: We love the stories we want for ourselves. And this format uses the deepest of emotions: Hope.

Story #3: The Quest The hero’s journey is THE most powerful story. The format: A hero wants something but must overcome a villain to achieve it. They're transformed in the process. Why it works: We relate to the hero’s self-doubt & feel inspired by the outcome.

Story #4: Voyage and Return Similar to #3, with a twist: The hero returns. Why it works: Philosophically, we love it when people return to their roots. It closes a story loop and triggers consistency bias. Think of companies who ‘get back to their basics’.

Story #5: Rebirth Not every story is straightforward. Sometimes, the hero is an unlikely protagonist on the bad side. But then, through conflict, they find the good. Why it works: It’s human nature to have a dark side. We relate to their internal conflict.

Story #6 Tragedy Not all stories end well. But these stories still need to be told. Why? Because the best lessons come from the worst of times. Why it works: Tragedy is a pattern interrupt of the usual happy tale. It reminds us to make the most of life & be our best.

Story #7 Comedy Humour will always have a special place in our hearts. Why it works: The ability to make people laugh transports them from their worries. And because we feel good, our guard is dropped. We open our minds to a message we may have previously ignored.

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To recap These are the only 7 story structures you need: 1. Overcoming the monster 2. Rags to riches 3. The quest 4. Voyage and return 5. Rebirth 6. Tragedy 7. Comedy Did you recognise them all?

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