Nika🖤 • New skts thread posted! 🫶🏼

Nika🖤 • New skts thread posted! 🫶🏼



Kiyoomi being and absolute cumslut is jus so right to me. everyone would expect him to /hate/ messy sex, the sticky residue of release, the feel of cum sliding down his throat. he must loathe it, what with all his constant sanitizing of everything, the hesitating

before eating at a new restaurant, the grimace on his face when they walk into the izakya after practice on saturday as they always do. They’re all well on their way to being wasted when bokuto suggests never have i ever. ‘a child’s game’ Kiyoomi calls if but plays anyway when

atsumu looks at him the way he always does when he wants kiyoomi to do something. damn his boyfriend and the way he has kiyoomi wrapped around his finger. “OKAY! ILL GO FIRST!” Bokuto practically screams out. “there’s no need to shout Bokuto.” Kiyoomi slurs. He refused to

admit it, but whatever he’s drinking tasted like water and he’s almost 90% it’s definitely isn’t. “Sorry.” He whispers back and kiyoomi cracks a smile. “never have I ever slept with a teammate.” “Bokkun the goal is ta /not/ drink!” Atsumu cries, as he downs his own shot.

/when did we order shots/ Everyone drinks. “Okay! I’m next!” Hinata is practically vibrating in his seat. “never have i ever…” he stops to think. “Awh come one sho, ya gotta have a question first!” “No, no wait i got it!! Never have I ever fooled around on a team bus!”

And again, everyone drinks. “Wha…am I missing out on a right of passage or something??” Hinata deflates. “Definitely.” Surprisingly it’s Meian who pipes up this time. It goes on like this for a while, gradually becoming more and more lewd. and kiyoomi drink every single

time. no one notices, becuase he’s never the only one and he stays quiet, downing shot after shot. /have my thoughts always been this quiet?/ “oooo I got a good one.” Inunaki announces. “Never have I ever played with a plug.” It takes everyone a moment to understand what

what he means by ‘plug’. Kiyoomi doesn’t ever register the shot going down his throat. no one does until they catch sight of the glasses, all full, except the one infront of kiyoomi. It’s silent for a second. a minute. “Omi…” Hinata gasps, and kiyoomi finally realizes

what he just admitted to and his face erupts into colour. “WHEN?? WHO?? WHY?????” Bokuto practically screams and they all burst into shouts and cries. Meian is the one to settle them down, catching sight of the staff about to approach. “Kiyoomi-kun? What the /fuck/?”

“CAPN’” Atsumu fakes a gasps at his language. “I…uh..” He’s at a complete loss of words, not quite sure how to dig himself out of this hole. “No no, Omi.” Atsumu interrupts. “Ya gotta tell us, c’mon. Ya drank, ya can’t leave ‘s hangin’ like tha.”

Atsumu’s barely intelligible, his accent impossibly thick after all he’s drunk. it’s makes kiyoomi hot all over. /fuck not right now, kiyoomi. get a hold of yourself./ He sighs and indulges them. “my third college game. Didn’t have time to clean up after sex before the game.”

and again…it takes them all a second to figure it out. “Hold on…” Inunaki says, finding his voice again. “didn’t have time to clean up…as in…” he starts. “As in you played with a plug because there was cum in ur ass??” Atsumu finishes, whiteout and ounce of shame in his

voice. “UGH!” kiyoomi violently grimaces. “Don’t /say/ it like that you dick.” “Hey, man” Barnes chimes in. “we’re all gay, all been there.” “I haven’t.” Meian interjects. “yeah, yeah cap we get it, ur a top.” Inunaki snorts. “No, no.” Hinata regains attention.

“We are /not/ glossing over this. Omi-Omi you do it /RAW/” He asks. “…yes? Don’t you with longer term partners?” and he answers with such casualty that it stuns them all. “But…but you’re…you’re /you/.” Bokuto tries. “You hate dirty things!!!” “Sex doesn’t count.” He

replies simply. “Sex doesn’t /count/? Wha’ tha fuck is ‘at supposed ta mean.” Atsumu looks scandalized. “Who the fuck ARE YOU!” They all jump in. And then the questions /really/ get going. they ask about everything and well… /they’ll forget this by the morning./

He resigns himself, as he gives his answers. All filters have been burned and their ashes thrown in the river - it’s a free for all. “Do you swallow?” Someone asks, and kiyoomi is so gone that he doesn’t even know who. “Every time.” “Public sex?”

“Makes it more exciting.” And this time he can pick up hinata and bokuto’s horrified gasps for umpteenth time this evening. “Bondage?” “First tried it in Uni.” “Mile-high club?” “Basically got a life-time membership.” He chuckles. “Foursome??” “yup. once with a girl,

interesting but no, but the rest with jus guys.” He admits easily. “THE REST?” Atsumu shouts into his ear. “Why he rounds record?” “Nine. second year of uni.” “well fuck props to that guy.” “no.” he interjects. “that’s my record.” “…what..?” It’s atsumu that speaks

up again. His brain short-circuiting. “As in..” “Yeah.” “No fuckin’ way..” the excitement dies down after a few more questions. They start to drop of like flies, going home, disappearing to the bathroom to pile their guts out. until it’s just Atsumu and himself left.

“Omi.” “Atsumu.” And something i’m atsumu’s brain, he’s not sure what, convinced him to let the words pass his lips. He’s doesn’t know why, but he doesn’t think kiyoomi would hate it like other would. so he leans in, breath ghosting over kiyoomi’s ear. “So…

who knew ya were such a slut, huh?” And kiyoomi’s reaction is exactly what atsumu why hoping for, his whole body trembles. He’s practically oozing need at the simple words, hand darting down in a pathetic attempt to hide his raging hard-on. “The other probably jus’ take ya

for a guy who likes sex, but nah.” he whispers. “I can tell.” and kiyoomi holds his breath. Waiting for what he hopes- /needs/ atsumu to call him. “Ya’re just a desperate fuckin’ cumslut aren’t ya.” He breathes out. and fuck- if it doesn’t get the most glorious reaction

he thinks anyone could every witness. Kiyoomi whines, high and long, head dropping into Atsumu’s shoulder. But atsumu goes on. “Ya’re jus’ a good boy that can’t live without a cock in him.” kiyoomi’s shaking by now. “Down your throat, up your tight fuckin’ ass. As long as

it fills ya up, right?” And Atsumu reaches out his hand, hovering over kiyoomi’s bulge - And grinds down. hard. and it’s all kiyoomi needs to cum, to spill and ruin his underwear. “what a good little cumslut. My good little boy.” and kiyoomi looks up at him after he comes

down. “what did i tell ya. it’s more exciting. You think anyone knows?” “Considerin’ we’ve been gettin’ away with shit like this for 3 years? I’m sure we’re good.” and kiyoomi smiles up at him, mischievous, and atsumu knows exactly what he wants. //fin

lol. do not even perceive me 😭 i wrote this in like and hour and posted it cuz i don’t even wanna read it back. Pls i don’t even wanna know about all the grammar mistakes 😭😭 it’s my first time writing ANYTHING with nsfw that i actually finished so ☠️ do with it what you will

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