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7 Career Tips for your 20’s:

1. Show your dedication. People notice if you come into the office at 10 am and leave at 4 pm. This isn’t dedication to your employer — it's to yourself. Make an investment in your career and life. No one successful talks about work/life balance in their 20s.

2. Prioritize Quality of Manager over Quantity of Pay. Growing your pay from $80k to $120k will not be impactful on your life. Find a manager who will teach you and help you grow. It's worth Millions of dollars to your career.

3. Know your numbers. Executives focus on narratives and explanations. Separate yourself by knowing every number to a question that might be asked in a meeting. You'll be known as 1) analytical and 2) the “center of information”. You will become a trusted advisor.

4. Sell your work. It’s not enough to do great work. Make sure people know it was you who created an impact. Ask your manager to sell your work. Show your work to others and its impact.

5. Play the Politics. Build strong relationships with the most respected people in the company. They are influential They help you get promoted because people listen to them. You can do great work, but you need “champions” to vouch for you.

6. Build Useful Skills For example: Learn Excel. Being great at Excel is a superpower. You can do analysis quickly, clean up data, and impress others with structured thinking.

7. Learn how to Communicate. Communicating with Executives is different than communicating with peers. Writing brief & clear emails is very useful to learn. McKinsey and BCG folks are great at communication. Learn from them. Read the Minto Pyramid Principle.

8. Make your Boss look good. Your boss has ambitions and dreams too. She wants to get promoted and grow her career. ALWAYS make her look good. NEVER talk bad about her. Making your boss look good is how you look good.

There's a personal story behind every one of these tweets. If someone told me these principles at the beginning of my career, I would’ve avoided A LOT of mistakes. I hope this thread helps you succeed at work. Follow me @RohunJauhar for more lessons learned on career advice!

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