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Want to learn TypeScript for free? Here’s every piece of free content I’ve put out over the past 6 months, in order from beginner to wizard-level. Mega-🧵

All the content you're about to see is just a warm-up for the main event - a massive, comprehensive course on TypeScript I've been working on:

I walked through a part of the course on VSCode’s live stream:

I also improvised a load of beginner material on stream here:

This tip is extremely useful for moving you from a beginner to an intermediate TS wizard:

Knowing this is mightily useful for handling refactors in TS.

Here, we check out how to put a TS package up on npm:

The magic of indexed access types:

This tip acts as a good intro to generics:

Another neat intro to generics:

This tip gives you a good sense on how to use generics - in this case for `Object.keys`:

I also did a short series (which I may extend) going through the type-challenges repo on YouTube, which is great for learning how to transform types.

This tip touches on assertion functions and classes:

This trick combines conditional types, generics and function arguments as tuples. Not simple!

BONUS: this YouTube playlist has a collection of two-minute advanced tips, which, although not ordered, are super useful for flexing your type-fu.

SECOND BONUS: A deep-dive on Advanced TS on VSCode's stream:

THIRD BONUS: A chat with Theo about all things TypeScript and Rodney Mullen

Also - I've opened up two days a week on my calendar for giving workshops. If your company is migrating to TS and would be interested in a workshop covering some of this material, my DM's are open.

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