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This is one of the 🤯🤯🤯 experiments we ran on the Duolingo Retention team :

After a user starts a new streak, we used to show them this screen to pick a “Streak Goal” The kicker is we never stored this information anywhere, nor did we do anything with it! It was a one-time fleeting interaction.

But we knew how important setting and completing goals is to build new habits so we weren’t (totally) surprised when Streak Goals turned out to be a HUGE retention win. Weeks after users saw this screen, they were still retaining better than those that did not.

A few years later, we decided to dial it up a notch, which is where it gets crazier. Instead of showing this screen when you start a new streak, we removed the preselected option and forced every user to select a goal. We added a lot of friction!

The streak goal is not something we reference anywhere on the app, nor do we track it. Beyond a user committing to one, we don't do anything with it. Users who select 3 days get the same experience that those who select 7, 14 or 30

And the results from adding a whole ton of friction below our minds! - Users selected higher goals than before - Users did not drop off despite the extra friction - Users retained way better FOR WEEKS after seeing this screen.

This experiment lead to a big insight for the Retention team: The power of good friction! Good friction is friction we add to the experience that increases users’ motivation by getting them to actively assess their end goal. Once they do, it stays with them for a LONG LONG TIME

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