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::: Holistic Healing II ::: A sound mind is in a sound body. சுவர் இருந்தால்தான் சித்திரம் வரைய முடியும். Take care of your body. It is the easiest way to make your life richer and facilitate your mind for greater things. How? 🪡

0/ Given here are a few habits that have beautifully transformed my life in ways I did not think were possible. When something works for me, I tell my mom first, and I am glad to say some of these tips worked wonderfully for her too. 🙂 (Thanks for trying, ma!)

1/ Taking 2-3 tbsp of virgin coconut oil on an empty stomach in the morning soothes the gut, regulates the appetite, purges the urge to snack, helps the skin glow, and refreshes the mouth. (Or, taking soaked fenugreek is also equally good.)

2/ Fermented rice with buttermilk (பழங்கஞ்சி) and raw onions is an excellent breakfast. It is probiotic and rich in vitamin B12. You will feel energised and light. It improves your taste for food and cools you down. (May not be ideal for winters / cold regions.)

3/ Cold shower in the morning is a game-changer. It boosts the blood circulation, alertness, immunity and mood. Cold showers are excellent pain relievers. I recommend this even for winter. (My mom, too!) If you have a heart condition, please consult your physician.

4/ Take an oil bath once or twice a week. Apply oil from head to toe (not just the head) and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. It eliminates body heat and dead cells, increases blood circulation, and nourishes your skin. You will stop falling sick so often.

5/ Make sure your carbs intake is one-thirds or less of your meal. The rest should be vegetables / millets. Have a full course meal everyday : two veggies, thuvaiyal (துவையல், for protein), salad (with sprouts), veggie-rich sambar, appalam, curd. Drink rasam like soup.

6/ Have a full meal in the morning. I moved to fullmeal-at-11am and dinner-at-5pm routine (with only fruits and herbal teas in between). The difference is staggering. My afternoon slumps are gone and I feel energetic all day. I shaped up nicely too! Intermittent fasting wins! 🤘

7/ A lot of us are intolerant to milk and gluten (wheat) without realising it. They hinder iron absorption, and cause digestive problems and brain fog. Stopping these will help anemia instantly (I can vouch!). Ghee, butter, curd are fine. Paneer, as you see fit. Avoid cheese.

8/ Drink hot, herbal teas when you feel like snacking. There are a tonne of options. My favourites are jeera tea (fixes digestion, eliminates gas), sukku coffee (anti-inflammatory), lemon-ginger-honey tea (for cold, congestion), blue butterfly pea tea (சங்கு பூ) (antioxidant).

9/ Do remember to make fruits a part of your routine. Vitamin C-rich fruits are the best, with Amla being the Queen! If you want to eat oily or sugary items, eat them with your meal. Avoid snacking in between.

10/ Generally, giving your gut a lot of rest and keeping it light makes it happy. Much of your bodily and mental wellness is in your gut. உணவே மருந்து. Overfeeding it and not feeding it enough both cause severe problems. Observe and identify what works for you. 🙏🏼

11/ Two crucial needs for our bodily and mental health are nightly sleep and vitamin D. Get plenty of sunshine. Sleep early (10 pm to 4 am): your sleep quality will improve, and you will wake up fresh and early. Use an eye mask, with aromatic oils and music for a sweet slumber!

12/ Also, try eating only fresh meals, cooking w/ cast iron utensils (for iron), walking about every hour (even if you work out a lot), drinking plenty of water, and brushing and scraping your tongue twice a day. Use habit apps for assistance. Start small and compound as you go.

A recent revelation for me is, while we widely talk about the mind’s will to bend the world, we do not give enough credit to our body’s impact on the mind. With a little discipline, your body will flourish. When it does, it evolves your mind into higher thinking.

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