#miyacest Young Atsumu that’ll sit on older Osamu’s lap, look up at his pretty pink lips, drag his nails against the curve of Osamu’s neck, and put his hands against his cheek to tilt his head down. He’ll stare at him for a moment, like a sweet puppy to their owner,

and lean in as he drags a thumb across his older brother’s cheek. And when Atsu’s finally got Samu in the palm of his hand, all pliant and weak and leaning in for any sort of touch, he’ll put his thumb into view. “Sorry Samu, just saw an eyelash on your cheek” and then just walk

away with two little slaps to Osamu’s cheek. Little Atsu knows the effect he has on him and he’s gonna use it until his big brother finally caves and gives him what he wants.

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