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miyacest + open relationship + suna the twins had a open relationship, however they were the only ones who knew that they were in a relationship with each other. atsumu occasionally hooked up with other people and one of those people happened to be suna rintarou.

they fucked. it was hot and heavy. sweaty and exhausting. once atsumu got back home, he found osamu waiting at the dinner table eating. they made eye contact which made atsumu nervous. osamu got up and walked over to atsumu and grabbed him by his waist. he was hesitant

to reply with a gesture but did it anyway, he wrapped his arms around osamu's neck and stared at him blankly, waiting for him to say something. all osamu did was kiss him. passionately. he took atsumu upstairs and layed him down gently. looking into his hazel eyes and

kissing him again. atsumu felt more relaxed. he knew what was coming but decided not to believe it just yet. he felt osamu taking off his clothes. pluking each and every item off one by one. then saw him doing the same thing. kissing him again, osamu aligned himself

up with atsumu, he already knew he had just been fucked. "how was it?" atsumu didn't say anything at first. he moaned when osamu put his hard dick inside of him. osamu went slowly at first before picking up the pace. he went faster than before, harder too.

the bed was shaking, and was about to snap. "ahh ha ngh ah~" osamu got angry. "i asked you a question atsumu." atsumu had to force words out. "i-it was g-good" osamu wasn't happy. "does he fuck you better then i do?" atsumu couldn't take it. "n-no ofcourse not"

you could hear the bed breaking. 'isn't this what we agreed on? so how could osamu be so angry? is he jealous?' atsumu thought to himself as osamu spanked him for not answering quick enough. "oh? and whys that?" atsumu knew osamu wouldn't except just any answer.

"b-because yer the only one that can fuck me good daddy" osamu gave one last slap to atsumu's ass before cumming inside of him. he pulled out and looked at atsumu with pleasure. "that's what i thought"

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